What Is The New Canted Sight In PUBG And How to use it?

The newest addition to the scope family of PUBG

The 0.18.0 update in PUBG introduced us to an ocean of new features, maps, weapons, and outfits. With every update, the game is excelling towards perfection and so are the possibilities of you becoming a master shooter in the game – thanks to the new Canted Sight.

What is the Canted Sight and where to find it?

Canted Sight is the newest addition to the scope family of PUBG. It is that secondary scope for your weapon that will help you swap between 2 scopes simultaneously thus enabling you to take down enemies in close range as well as long-range without the hassle of changing your scopes by searching through your inventory.

The Canted Sight is effectively a Holographic scope or the Red dot sight that is used in close combats. Pair it up with an 8x scope and you are become a killing machine. The Canted Sight attached to the gun at a 45° angle and swaps with your primary scope with a push of a new dedicated button for the same. Canted Sight can be found as easily as the rest of the scopes, scattered around here and there on every map of PUBG.

Which guns support Canted Sight?

AKM, AUG, G36C, Beryl M762, Scar-L, M416, Mutant, QBZ, Mini14, Mk14, M24, SKS, SLR, Bizon, UMP45, Vector, MP5K, AWM, Kar98k, QBU, S12K, M249 – These are the guns that will support Canted Sight in every map.

How to use Canted Sight?

There is a dedicated setting for Canted Sight after the new update. Go to settings and look for Canted Sight. You will see 2 options –

  • Switch Scope – This enables the Canted Sight to be used as a secondary scope. If you now click the switch scope button, you can easily shift between Canted sight and another scope of your choice. The same button can be used to swap between both scopes.
  • Use Scope – This will directly attach the Canted sight to your gun and use it as a primary Holographic scope.

Disadvantages of a Canted Sight – the only shortcoming of the scope is the nature of its placement. Paired with a 6x, a major part of your left-hand side of the screen will be blocked by the scope angled at 45°. This will weigh down on you when you are surrounded by a whole bunch of enemies.

Advantages of a Canted Sight – when paired with the right scope (different for every situation), you can manage every long as well as short-range battle simultaneously with ease. The Canted Sight being a Holographic scope works well in short-range, hence pairing it up with an 8x makes you a formidable foe.

Either way, Canted Sight is an amazing new addition to the game and it will only take a short while for gamers to get used to it and discovering out better and better ways to use it. With the new 0.18.0 update, PUBG has strengthened its dominance in the Battle Royale domain and soon enough Season 13 will add on to it.