How To Unlock The Ice Ranger Skin In PUBG: New Season 13 Event Prize

Unlock the all new superhero themed Ice Ranger skins for free in PUBG Mobile

With its 4th year anniversary nearing, PUBG Corporation is all set to release the 13th Season of this online multiplayer Battle Royale. The Season 12 having run its course of 2 months, has introduced a plethora of cool new features to the game – Arctic Mode was one of the most welcoming additions, and on May 13th, we will get the Season 13 update.

But this is not all. Before the next Season could even start, PUBG has released the Carton Rangers event for Season 13. A very tactful decision indeed, this will get the gamers hooked to the new Season even before it releases, and guess what else is in store for you?

The New Ice Ranger Skin

Quite similar to the Power Rangers (A trip down memory lane), this new skin will be dominated by a navy-blue fabric wrapped around a black spandex suit with gold, silver, and white striping, draped with a blue fabric (quite alike Superman’s red cape).

Yes you read it right – highly unlikely, but PUBG has introduced superhero-like costumes to add comic relief as well as fan-drooling moments to the game.

How To Get The Ice Ranger Skin

Starting 8th May until the 13th of May, you need to play the Carton Rangers Event daily to unlock the Ice Ranger suit and grab the Season 13 passes –

  • You are required to fulfill 4 daily missions that will reward you with random prizes as well as Carton coupons to build your own Cardboard Rangers.
  • The best thing about this event is that you won’t have to go out of the way or spend extra hours on the game to participate in the event. Daily logging in, playing a particular match mode as asked for, winning a particular number of missions, and playing a particular mode for a given amount of time – that’s all you need to do to collect the coupons.
  • You can use these coupons to buy gear for your cardboard avatar, you are entitled to customize them to your whim. With a bundle of colors and outfits, you can go crazy in creativity over your Cardboard Rangers.
  • Creating one ranger would require you to get 3 cardboard coupons, thus 3 missions for each toy. So you can figure out as many as you want to own.
  • You can unlock the Ice Ranger’s headgear right now itself, this might be the quickest prize you can grab by completing the Carton Ranger events right now.
  • The ultimate prize for this event is the “much-awaited” Ice Ranger skin that will be rewarded to you on the day of Season 13’s release.

Season 13 is highly regarded in the PUBG gamers community because of its superhero theme, and many more anticipated features that can go head to head with its nemesis Fortnite. To stay updated on every new release and update on PUBG: Mobile, check out our PUBG guides.