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PUBG Mobile Season 13- Tips To Clear Week 2 Challenges

Its only the second week and the challenges are hectic already! Here is how you will sail through them easily

More than a week has passed since the release of Season 13 in PUBG, and the gamers have their hands already full with the Week 2 challenges. Season 13 was taken up very well because of its superhero theme, a fan-favored Season if you see the bigger picture.

But PUBG wouldn’t hold back just yet, the challenges of this Season are pretty interesting and, if not approached cautiously, can be very tough as well. But don’t worry, we got you covered. With this guide, you can sail through the Challenges of Week 2 without flinching.

Week 2 Royale Pass Missions

Aid Mission

Play the Classic mode and use assault rifles to kill 36 enemies in Erangel
At first, the challenge might come-off as an extremely tough one due to its highly specific nature of choosing. You might not be well versed with the Erangel Map or long-range rifle shooting might not be your forte, and hence PUBG has kept this as an aided mission.Bring together a team of differently skilled PUBG players and help each other out in this mission.

Choice Mission

These are fairly easy missions and can be completed, without you having to put in some extra efforts. These are the three choice missions –

  • Land 3 times on any rooftop in Water Treatment of Miramar map in Classic mode
  • Land 3 times on any rooftop in School of Erangel map in Classic mode
  • Land 3 times on any rooftop in Ha Tinh of Sanhok map in Classic mode

Win 1 Classic match wearing a Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet


The easiest way to pass this challenge is to keep a keen eye on this helmet. While looting crates and picking up items along the way, find this helmet and keep it safe in your inventory.You can also take your team-mate’s assistance, this way your chances of finding the helmet increase exponentially. All you have to do now is to win a match. For that, you need to have a good sense of this mode and exceptional shooting and hiding skills. Here is a guide to improving your shooting skills in PUBG.

Kill 5 enemies with S1897 in any mode

S1897 is a short-range pump-action trench gun in PUBG. You can find this gun rather easily throughout all the 4 maps in PUBG. Being a short-range gun, it would be wise to level up your armory and when the time is ripe, take down your enemy in a close-range single shot. The reload time of a shotgun is quite long, hence try to keep your aim accurate.

Kill 5 enemies with Pistol in any mode

Pistols are again short-range weapons, so similar to the S1897 mission, kill your enemies at a close distance while keeping your defenses strong, just in case. Pistols don’t impart much damage hence the best way to do it would take assistance from a friend. Let them severely damage the enemy and allow you to kill him/her in the end. You can help your friend the same way and hence glide through this challenge as well.

Use the Vending Machine to purchase items 8 times in Classic mode

With the PUBG 0.18.0 update, Vending Machines were introduced in the Mad Miramar 2.0 map. They can randomly be found anywhere on the map. So when you find one, drain it dry of 8 items at a single stretch. And keep your friends closer to defend you from an enemy’s attack. Here is a guide to the New Miramar 2.0 Map.

Week 2 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Do a total of 800 damage on your enemies in a single match of Classic mode

Despite the fact that this is not termed as an aided mission, you will salvage extra points if you do take the aid of your friends. Teaming up will also help you revive thus helping you stay longer in the game. Aiming for headshots, sniping them down from huge distances, taking the enemy down in one shot – all of this adds on to extra damage points.

Another easiest way to get more damage points is to travel in a car and driving over the enemies. This way you can ensure minimal damage to your health and a perfect kill. The New Miramar 2.0 has the Sandstorm weather effect that will blind every player dead in their tracks. Crawling on the ground during the storm will help increase your visibility, hence helping you take down your enemies in an ambush.

Choice Mission

These are again quite easy ones and can be completed without having to go through any extra trouble.

  • Finish 5 matches with friends in Payload
  • Finish 10 matches with friends in Classic mode
  • Finish 10 matches with friends in Team Arena

Shoot down an enemy from 200 meters away 2 times in Classic mode

With long-range guns like snipers and bolt-action rifles at your aid, there is literally no target that you cannot takedown. This challenge is quite easy to accomplish, with the right skill sets. Here is a guide for bolt-action rifles, each having different firepower and rarity in the game. We also have just the right guide for you to improve your sniping skills in PUBG. These guides will be very helpful in cleaning the Week 2 challenges.

Blow up 10 vehicle tires in Classic mode


This can be tricky but not completely undoable. Usually, your enemies will shoot you down from the windshield of the car or run you over in the worst case. So what can you possibly do to destroy a single tire, let alone 10? The answer is simple – Don’t let them see you. Sneakily hide in an apartment and snipe down the car tires when your enemies arrive in their cars. You can also hide in the grass fields, laying down and wearing camo. This way you can take down passing-by vehicles as well.

PUBG packs a tremendous amount of missions in a single weak, but when you closely analyze these, you understand that these are the activities you normally carry out in your daily Battle Royales. You are just being accounted for a few of them this time. This guide is all you need to get through the rigorous tasks of the 2nd Week of PUBG Mobile Season 13. For more guides and updates on PUBG Mobile, stay connected with Gamer Tweak’s PUBG page.