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How To Improve Your Shooting Skills In PUBG: Mobile

This is how you can be a master assassin in PUBG

Surviving a Battle Royale is no easy task, let alone emerging victorious in the fight. Imagine you are in the final stages of the battle, situated at the perfect spot in the receding circle, you and an enemy are the sole survivors. The game boils down to just one question: Who among you is the better shooter? Because that person will undoubtedly be the winner.


You can survive until the very end in a game of PUBG, relying on your teammates or your skills to be at stealth at all times. But this can take you only so far – once, inside the final circle, you are as good as dead unless you can target and shoot down your enemy with a perfect aim. Yes, just like rifle shooting or basketball are sports that require you to hone your skills at aiming, shooting games like PUBG and Call of Duty are e-sports that require the same.

Tips to Improve your Aim in PUBG

Here are a few basic tips on refining your aiming and shooting skills in PUBG. If you get a hang of them, you can very well use them in other shooting games as well –

  • Weapon dependent – Here is an important tip: Every weapon has a different dynamic irrespective of it being a virtual weapon or a real one. Hence there is a different technique for every weapon when you are targeting your enemies. Try to get the hang of every weapon available in the game.
  • Aim assist – Do not shy away from using aim assist. It can be the most trustworthy resource when the game gets too shaky. Aim assist automatically locks the cross-wire of your aim to a static enemy so that you can focus on shooting down the target and not aiming while the target runs off or kills you.
  • Color of the cross wire – To aim perfectly, your cross wires of the scope should be clearly visible to assist you. Hence, even though PUBG allows you to change choose from a wide variety of colors, it is sensible to keep the color set to black. As PUBG is an open world, with lots of light in the surroundings, yellow and white-colored cross wires will be of no use. Red color can easily be camouflaged in brown soil and green with the grass.
  • Rule of the screen – If an enemy is visible on your screen, he can very well be shot down too. Do not go searching for a scope, you are visible to them as well, hence you can be killed. Rather use the perfect gun (long or short-ranged, depending on your situation), take aim, and shoot them down.
  • Misconceptions about a scope – Contrary to popular belief, the scope does not increase the speed of your bullet or makes your enemy more vulnerable. The role of scope is just to zoom-in to your target. By Rule of the screen, you can very well kill an enemy visible on your screen without having to use a scope. The aiming dot is enough to assist you in doing so. Do not go around mindlessly searching for a scope when the enemy is right in front of you.
  • 2 fire buttons – If you haven’t noticed yet, there are two firing buttons on your screen, this can be very advantageous when used to its full potential. Use your dominant hand for burst firing and the other one for sniping. This means that if you have a strong right hand, train your thumb to engage in long-timed taps on the screen. Similarly, for your left hand, use it for only sniping, this will not put much of a strain on this hand as well as use its “less-dominating” nature to kill in just one or two shots.
  • Sensitivity – Always keep the sensitivity of touch as low as possible. A highly sensitive touch makes your game too shaky and might give you a headache as well. Better to train your fingers to move faster across the screen, this way you can ensure perfect aims.
  • Practice – All the above-mentioned tactics, will be of no use unless you practice them. Rather than keeping them as your last resort, try to inculcate them within your regular gameplay.

With these tricks up your sleeve, no one can stop you from becoming a killing machine in PUBG. Remember to understand the use of every different weapon, dynamics of the game as well as practice the right way. If you are a true PUBG follower, be updated with these PUBG guides.