PUBG Sniper Guide: 6 Best Sniping Tips for PUBG

Wish to be a pro-sniper in PUBG? Read along...

Looking for some good sniping tips for PUBG? Then, you are at the right place. In this sniper guide, you will learn the best sniping tips and tricks for PUBG.

Best Pro-tips for Sniping in PUBG

PUBG being an open-world Battle Royale forces you in open-fields and tight spots during battles, you cannot run from these situations if you want to survive the game. Better to learn the basics of warfare in PUBG and the best way to explain this is to divide your battles into –

Short-range firing – you are exposed to your enemies at a close range and the fight boils down to who perforates the enemy first. Pistols and SMGs are your best bet when it comes to close-range firing as you can go all berserk and drill that screen of yours to get the most fires out of it.
Long-range sniping – this is the tougher skill to master, although you are far away from your enemy, speed and aim are all that matter here. A miss here and there, and you might end blowing off your and your teammate’s cover. Hence it is crucial to learn how to improve your sniping skills in PUBG.

6 Best Tips for Snipers in PUBG

  • Weapons – Your jolly old pistols and machine guns are of no use in long-range firing, hence it is important to choose your weapons wisely. PUBG has 3 sniping rifles, namely – the M24, the AWM, and the Kar98K. These are bolt-action single-shot rifles that will take your enemy down in a single shot.
  • Attachments – Even though you haven’t bagged a sniper rifle yet, start gathering the red-dots scopes and suppressors. Your sniper rifle will be useless otherwise. And with the new 0.18.0 update, you get to use the Canted Sight, which can easily swap between 2 scopes simultaneously to make sniping a lot easier.
  • Position – Choose a position that gives you a maximum range of view, taking care that other enemies don’t find your hiding spot and attack you from your blind side. Rooftops, hills, watchtowers are perfect positions to set your sniper at. If possible, keep your teammates at guard to cover for you while you snipe enemies.
  • Bullet Drops – PUBG has let no physics law go in vain. A bullet’s path is never straight but curves along the surface, this makes sniping a little complicated. Rifles having stronger bursts have an almost straight bullet trajectory while the weaker ones like Kar98K have a curved trajectory. This would position your aim slightly above the enemy’s head if he is too far, ensuring that the bullet curves to his head or body.
  • Camouflage – You cannot completely rely on your fellow crew mates to cover for you if none of them are left or you are playing a solo match. Hence as a precautionary measure, wear outfits and skins that can blend you in the surrounding.
  • Don’t Be Static – You cannot win the whole game sniping from the same spot. You will either be spotted and killed or would be left with no enemies in your sniping range. Always keep moving after every enemy you snipe down, keep changing your positions, and be an effective ghost to your enemies.

These are all the tricks you need to master the skill of sniping in PUBG. Practice and patience will get you where you want and soon you will be the best sniper in PUBG.

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