Guide To The All New Miramar Map 2.0 – PUBG

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PUBG Mobile releases its new update patch 0.18.0 in May 2020. This update brings a significant amount of new features to the game – modes, weapons, scopes, landscapes, skins, anti-cheat system as well as the widely popular Miramar Map gets a fresh new upgrade 2.0. Stunning new landscapes, detailed architectures, new tracks, and a golden surprise.
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Mad Miramar 2.0

  • New Racetracks – With this cool new feature, PUBG has redefined the concept of Battle Royales. Throughout the Mad Miramar Map, you can locate slopes and rolled-up ramps to perform airborne stunts with your vehicles. While this does not contribute anything to the actual gameplay, you can always have some fun along the way.
  • The Ruins You have a new raid spot on the northwest corner of the Miramar 2.0 – the ruins are every bit aesthetic to the overall landscape of the desert. Located in a remote location, there are chances that players will focus their landings here to fill up on ammunition before entering the bloodshed.
  • The Oasis – If The Ruins were not enough, you now have an oasis in the northwest part of the Miramar 2.0 as well. And strangely enough, this deserted area will be teeming with players searching for weapons and not water.
  • Sandstorms – Keeping to the tradition, we have a new sandstorm effect in Miramar 2.0 just like we have blizzards in the new Arctic mode of Vikendi map. Sandstorms can originate at any place on the map any time, and this is where players are expected to show their creativity in ambushes and strategic positioning to incur maximum damage to their enemies while hidden in the storm.
  • The Surprise – And finally the golden surprise of Miramar 2.0, the stunning Golden Mirado. The newest addition to PUBGs garage, the Golden Mirado is a vintage beauty that will most definitely be fought for. And to no surprise, finding the Mirado will be a tough task, it can be spawned at exactly one specific location of Miramar 2.0
image credits: LionSharp Studios

How to get the Golden Mirado in PUBG?

  • You will require the new update 0.18.0 to unlock the Mad Miramar 2.0 map.
  • Once inside, start the game and during the drop-off, mark Hacienda del Patron on the map.
  • Land on this location and reach the tallest building you can see there.
  • Enter the garage of that building and click on the smiley icon at the top of your screen. You get 4 dance moves in that, do them and clap, wave, and throw kisses at your sweet new ride standing strong right in front of you (you can ignore the dancing part if you’re in a hurry of course)
  • There you have your very own Golden Mirado. But be careful as well as swift on your feet, chances are that you might encounter your enemies all at once, after all, who doesn’t want to lay hands on this golden beauty.

These are all the new features of The Mad Miramar 2.0 which you can unlock for free after updating your PUBG: Mobile with the 0.18.0 patch. If you are a devoted player of this game, these PUBG: Mobile guides will most definitely come handy.