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Where To Find Power Cells In Starfield (Locations)

Wondering how to find Power Cells and restore your computer during the Back to Vectera quest? Let's look at their locations.

During the Back to Vectera quest, you will embark on a mission to rescue Barrett, who has been captured by pirates on Vectera. When you reach the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost, Supervisor Lin reveals you’re Barrett’s only hope of rescue. However, to locate him, you will need to repair a communications computer, which requires Power Cells to bring it back online. We’ll tell you the locations of all three Power Cells in Starfield.

Emergency Power Cell Locations in Starfield

Where To Find Power Cells In Starfield

To make progress in the Back to Vectera quest, you’ll need to access an important audio log stored on a computer. However, the computer has no power. Your HUD interface reveals three objectives – find and install Power Cells into the outlets near the computer terminal to restore power.

The Power Cells are scattered around the various sections of the mining station. Take time to thoroughly explore side areas, as extra Power Cells may have already been collected during previous missions. With the station in disarray, the Cells could be tucked away in hard-to-reach spots.

Here are the locations where you will find the three emergency Power Cells:

  • Talk to Supervisor Lin at her location to request a Power Cell from her supplies.
  • Search the robot standing next to Lin.
  • Interacting with the Medbench terminal at Infirmary.

What Happens After Power Cells Are Installed?

Once three Power Cells are installed, power will be restored to the computer. Play the audio log to uncover clues about Barrett’s whereabouts and continue your search to complete the mission. Thoroughly comb each area to find additional clues or supplies before moving on.

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