Pokemon Unite: How To Surrender Match

Want to leave a match? Here's how to surrender in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite is a free to play MOBA featuring your favorite Pokemon in various roles. Now, while playing, you may want to exit or leave the match for multiple reasons. Maybe you got paired up with incompetent/AFK players or it’s a losing game anyway and you want to quit immediately. So, if you want to know how to surrender in Pokemon Unite, this guide will show you the step by step process to do so.

How to Surrender in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite How To Surrender Match

To surrender in Pokemon Unite, you have to wait for 5 minutes in the match because only then you will get the option to leave. After the 5 mins are over, follow the steps:

  • Press the X button on your Nintendo Switch
  • This will bring up the Scoreboard
  • Press – (minus) for the Settings
  • That’s where you will see the Surrender option
  • If your team agrees, they will vote for surrendering as well. If that’s the majority then you will successfully surrender as a team.
  • But if it’s not then the team will have to continue the battle.
  • There are 3 surrender votes that you can put out during one match but it cannot be back-to-back. There’s a 40 second cooldown between each surrender initiation.
  • Once it is decided, your team will surrender and the opposing team will win.

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So, that’s basically how to surrender in Pokemon Unite. It’s best to do this when it’s the only way you can move on to the next game. But if that’s not the case, continue the fight and you never know, things can turn out in your favor.

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