Pokemon Unite Tier List 2023

In this tier list, we've ranked the Best Pokemon to play and use in Pokemon Unite. Also find out the best Attackers, Defenders, All-Rounders, Supporters and Speedsters.

Are you searching for the best Pokemon Unite Tier List? In this article, we’ve ranked all the Pokemon characters from S tier to C Tier (best to worst). We’ve taken into consideration their stats, skills and more but this list is subjective and may differ from your opinion. But if you are a beginner or coming back to a Pokemon game after a long time, this will surely give you the best Pokemon to choose.

Further ahead, we’ve also listed the Pokémon which are the best Attackers, Defenders, All-Rounders, Supporters and Speedsters.

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Pokemon Tier Pokemon
S Tier Pikachu
S Tier Zeraora
S Tier Lucario
S Tier Aegislash
S Tier Crustle
S Tier Snorlax
S Tier Blissey
S Tier Blastoise
A Tier Alolan Ninetales
A Tier Absol
A Tier Slowbro
A Tier Machamp
A Tier Slowbro
A Tier Eldegoss
A Tier WigglyTuff
A Tier Talonflame
B Tier Venusaur
B Tier Mr. Mime
B Tier Gardevoir
B Tier Cinderace
B Tier Greninja
C Tier Charizard
C Tier Garchomp
C Tier Gengar

pokemon unite tier list of the best pokemon to play and useThe Pokemon in the S tier are the strongest. They are the best of the best and you can’t go wrong with them. Further ahead, those in the A and B tier are still good but don’t match up with those in the S Tier. Lastly, the Pokemon in the C tier are average. But in good hands, even they might work out well.

Keep reading to know which Pokemon are best in their specific roles.

Best Attackers in Pokemon Unite

  • Pick Pikachu, Gardevoir, Alolan Ninetales or Cinderace because they are the best attackers in the roster.

Best Defenders in Pokemon Unite

  • Slowbro, Crustle, Snorlax, Blastoise are the best Defenders in this MOBA game.

Best All-Rounders in Pokemon Unite

  • In terms of All Rounders, you can go for Lucario, Machamp and Garchomp.

Best Supporters in Pokemon Unite

  • Mr. Mime, Blissey and Wigglytuff are the best Supporters in this game.

Best Speedsters in Pokemon Unite

  • Zeraora, Talonflame and Absol are the best Speedsters.

That’s all about our Pokemon Unite tier list. For more help with this MOBA, head over to our Pokemon Unite guides.