Pokemon Unite All Characters In The Roster & Roles Explained

Check out all the characters available in Pokemon Unite currently. Along with the full roster, also know about the roles and what they do in the game.

Pokemon Unite has released and fans of the franchise are eager to step into this world, this time in a MOBA format. For those who want to know the whole Pokemon Unite Roster, which Pokemon characters are playable and what do the roles mean, this guide has the complete list. We will be updating this list when new characters are added.

Pokemon Unite Roster – All Pokemon Characters Listed

Sr no Pokemon Role
1 Pikachu Attacker
2 Charizard All-Rounder
3 Lucario All-Rounder
4 Machamp All-Rounder
5 Garchomp All-Rounder
6 Greninja Attacker
7 Venusaur Attacker
8 Alolan Ninetales Attacker
9 Cramorant Attacker
10 Cinderace Attacker
11 Snorlax Defender
12 Crustle Defender
13 Slowbro Defender
14 Talonflame Speedster
15 Absol Speedster
16 Gengar Speedster
17 Zeraora Speedster
18 Eldegoss Supporter
19 Mr. Mime Supporter
20 Wigglytuff Supporter
21 Gardevoir Attacker
22 Blissey Supporter
23 Blastoise Defender

We’ve created a Pokemon Unite Tier List as well where you will get a ranking of all of these characters from best to worst.

Pokemon Unite Roles Explained

Pokemon Unite Roles Explained guide

Now, the roles in Pokemon Unite are Attackers, Defenders, All-Rounders, Supporters and Speedsters. In case you are jumping into this genre for the first time, keep reading this guide to know what all of this means.

Basically, depending on your playstyle and what you are good at, you can choose the Pokemon who is best at their role. Every role has advantages and disadvantages and you must know what to use when. You can focus on one role or more to master it and that’s how you can dominate your games.

This is what you need to know about the Pokemon Unite Roles and their stats.

  • Attackers: Attackers are the “stars” of the show because they have high offense stats. They deal damage but they suffer in their endurance, mobility and support stats. Because of this, you need to plan out your moves very carefully.
  • Defenders: Defenders have high endurance, low offense and low mobility. They aren’t the ones grabbing all the attention but their role is super important for the team.
  • Supporters: They provide the much-needed support like healing teammates, stopping incoming attacks with any status effects etc. You won’t be able to take on the powerful opponents on your own but your support will help your team win overall.
  • Speedsters: A Speedster has high mobility and high offense. So they are quick and will help you score points easily.
  • All-Rounders: All rounders have the balance between attackers and defenders. This means they have good endurance as well as offence. These characters will be the ones who can carry your team in times of need.

So, that’s everything you need to know to get started with this game. We’ve got more Pokemon Unite Guides for you such as How to Upgrade items, how to use gems, How to Unlock Pokemon and how to add friends for Multiplayer.