Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Build Guide

Gardevoir is an attacker, added recenlty you will love to try out this high damage build.

Finding a powerful Pokemon who can withstand all the battles is not easy. With various stats, move sets, abilities, every Pokemon is different. Some are good in terms of defense while some are fast. But if you are focusing high on attacking then let’s try Gardevoir. In this guide, you will learn about the best Gardevoir Build. Which move sets make him the best, which items will give you an edge over the opponent, etc.

Gardevoir Build Guide

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir

Gardevoir is a Glass Cannon pokemon. It has been introduced recently in Pokemon Unit and is capable to overpower the strongest one in the game. But with only the right build set, you can amplify Gardevoir’s power. The objective of this build is to amplify Gardevoir’s damage. Always pair it with a Pokemon who features good Defender or Support traits.

Gardevoir is a Psychic Pokemon and he is weak against Ghost, Steel, and Poison. Based on its raw stats this Pokemon holds good power in Special Attack and Special Defense. The challenge here is to Gardevoir does not has much HP. If the pokemon is caught in an attack it would fell off fast. The objective of this build is to amplify Gardevoir’s ranged attack.

Best Move Sets:

  1. Confusion – Help you to farm EXP faster.
  2. Psyshock – Increases Damage. (Unlocks at Level 6)
  3. Moonblast – Grants Sheild. (Unlocks at Level 8)
  4. Fairy Singularity – Unite Move. (Unlocks at Level 10)

Best Items:

  1. Wise Glasses – +39 Special Damage
  2. Shell Bell – +24 Special Damage & -4.5% Cooldown
  3. Float Stone – +24 Attack & +120 Movement Speed
  4. Eject – Moves in a direction instantly. 55 seconds cooldown time.

You can pick any of the above items, all are going to help Gardevoir during the battle. It is best to experiment with them and try out their effects.

How to get Gardevoir?

Go to Unite Battle Commission and buy Gardevoir’s license. It will cost you 8,000 Aeos Coins. You can buy the same for 460 Aeos Gems. This is where you unlock the raw version of this Pokemon. Now the most important task is to assign the right set of moves and items to make Gardevoir unstoppable in Pokemon Unite. Follow the below move sets that will help you to get a powerful build.

How to Evolve Gardevoir?

First, train Ralts on the lower level to evolve into Kirlia. You will have to repeat the training process to evolve up to Level 10 where Gardevoir is quite powerful. The challenge is to keep repeating this process every match to reach the required level.

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