Best Pikachu Build In Pokemon Unite (High Damage Build)

Here is the recommedations on the most powerful Pikachi builds and stats.

Pokemon Unite has around 20 different Pokemons in the roaster. If you are looking for the most powerful Pokemon Build then keep reading. I am going to share the best Pikachu Build for Pokemon. This build focuses more on increasing attack damage in a short period of time. This high DPS Pickachu build will help you to beat down tougher opponents in the battle. Before we begin with your most powerful Pikachu build, I will share some basic tips and tricks about Pokemon Unite. This will help you more in understanding the gameplay mechanism and why these builds are important.

Best Pikachu Build in Pokemon Unite

You can check out the build directly below and scroll down to read more about how this all works. I am going to summarize the best moves, items, etc here, and later you can read in detail the reason behind choosing the set of attacks.

  1. Level 1 – Thunder Shock
  2. Level 4 – Electro Ball.
  3. Level 6 – Thunderbolt.
  4. Level 9 – Thunderstorm.


Pokemon’s in Pokemon Unite are divided into five different categories. Each of these categories is the type of battle quality the pokemon is best at.

  1. Supporter (Ranged) – Pokemon that excels at supporting ally Pokemon and restoring their HP.
  2. Defender – Pokemon that have high endurance and excel at protecting ally Pokemon.
  3. Attacker – Pokemon that have high offense and excel at ranged attacks.
  4. All Rounder – Pokemon that have a great balance of offense and endurance and excel at adapting to a wide variety of situations.
  5. Speedster – Pokemon that are characterized by agile movements and that excel at chasing down opposing Pokemon and creating good conditions for scoring.

Pikachu falls in the Attacker category. Your trainer level will increase with each battle and it will also unlock additional pokemon. With over 20 different Pokemons it can be confusing to pick the best one. You can always go with Pikachu, with the right build this Pokemon can transform into a high damage attacker. This will help you to win a lot of battles.

Thundershock vs Electroweb – Level 1 Pikachu

Pokemon Unite Attacks

At the first level in Pokemon Unite, Pikachu will get have two choices of attacks. First is Thundrestock that electrifies the area which can cause damage to a bigger radius. The second is Electroweb which hurls an electric orb that can cause damage to Pokemons in the region. Pick Thunderbird to boost damage. This is the first most powerful attack you can assign to Pikachu in Pokemon Unite.

Electro Ball vs Thunderball – Level 4 Pikachu

At Level 4 again you will unlock two new attack types. You will have to pick one that can again add more to the Pokemon Damage. Thunderball is the one that can boost damage, but Electro Ball comes with more efficiency. So your next choice of attack for Level 4 Pokemon in Pokemon Unite is Electro Ball. It has a shorter cooldown time and can be used effectively against enemies.

Volt Tackle vs Thunderbolt – Level 6 Pikachu

At Level 6 you will further unlock two more powerful moves for Pikachu. Here Thunderbolt is an AoE stun move while Volt Tackle is a speed attack to stun enemies. The best move here to pick is Thunderbolt. The reason behind this choice is it becomes a powerful stun attack with a combination of Electro Ball. While building a high DPS build in Pokemon Unite it is necessary to pick the right set of attacks that can contribute more to the damage. Certain attack combination like Electro Ball + Thunderbolt works best against a group of enemies.

Later as you keep on progressing you will unlock more attacks. You have to wait until Level 9 where you will unlock a Pokemon Unite Move – Thunderstorm. This move can summon powerful lightning on the battlefield which will cause damage to every enemy in the vicinity.

With these, there are few held items you must add to the Pikachu Build. For example Floastone, Sp. Atk Specs and Eject button to the match. Some of these addons will give you faster speed, single stats boost and a shortcut to maintain instant distance if you are surrounded. So this is the best Pikachu Build in Pokemon Unite. You can reach our guide on the best Pokemon Unite Held Item Tier List that has details of almost every held item you can find in the game. If you are still confused about what pokemon to pick then check our Best Starter Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite guide.