Pokemon Unite Best Held Items To Use

Here are the strongest and best Pokemon Unite Held Items (S to C Tier) for Attacker, Defender, All-Rounder, Supporter and Speedster roles.

Held Items in Pokemon Unite are those items that you can use to get a stat boost. If you are looking for the best and strongest power up items that you can equip in battle, here’s a Pokemon Unite Held Item tier list that will help you out.

Pokemon Unite Held Items Ranked from Best to Worst

Here, we’ve ranked all the Pokemon Unite Held Items from strongest to worst (S Tier to C Tier) and also mentioned which roles can benefit the most from it.

Best Held Items For Every Role

The ones in the S tier are the best held items that every role can benefit from. The A tier items are good but not as superior as the top tier. The Held items in the B tier can be useful in good hands. Lastly, the ones in the C tier are average.

Tier Best Pokemon Held Items Power Ups Best For Which Role
S Tier Float Stone Players get more movement speed when out of combat. Speedsters, Attackers, All-Rounders, Defenders, Supporters
S Tier Shell Bell This item lowers cooldown time and restores HP after landing an ability. So if your Special attack is more, you recover more HP. Attackers, All-Rounders, Supporters
S Tier Rocky Helmet With this item, you can attack the enemies who deal you damage ideal for those who play the Defenders role Defenders, All-Rounders
A Tier Buddy Barrier You get an HP boost and when a Unite Move is used, the attacker as well as the companion with the lowest HP will get a shield for 20% max health. Supporters, Defenders
A Tier Focus Band With this item, you can recover 8% of the damage as HP every second for 3 secs. Defenders
A Tier Muscle Band You can deal more damage which is equal to 1% of your enemy’s rest of the HP. Attackers, All-Rounders
A Tier Assault Vest You can get a shield for 9% of your max health when you are out of combat. Defenders
A Tier Scope Lens You can land more damage when you deal basic attack critical hits. Attackers, Speedsters, All-Rounders
A Tier Wise Glasses This increases special attack by 3%. Attackers, Speedsters
B Tier Exp Share You will get 2 EXP every second when you have the least EXP in your team. Supporters
B Tier Attack Weight You get 6 ATK when you end up scoring a goal. Attackers
B Tier Aeos Cookie When you score a goal, you will get 100 max HP. Any Role can Benefit from this
B Tier Leftovers When you are out of combat, you will recover 1% of your max HP every second. Defenders
B Tier Score Shield Get a shield for 5% of max Health when you score and the best thing is that you cannot be interrupted when it is active. Any Role can Benefit from this
B Tier Sp Atk Specs You get 8 special attack whenever you score a goal. Attackers
C Tier Energy Amplifier Your move cooldown reduces and when you use a Unite Move, you will land 7% more damage for a short period. Any Role can Benefit from this but Attackers and Speedsters mainly

So, that’s our tier list of the best held items in Pokemon Unite. You can also check out our Pokemon Unite tier list where we have ranked all characters from best to worst.