How To Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters

Tips to evolve Pokemon

Evolving Pokemon has always been a huge part in all Pokemon games and series and it is one of the evolutionary marvels that we get to see, as our Pokemon get bigger and stronger. This guide will show you how to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.

How to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters

Like in all games that came before Pokemon Masters, you will have to reach a certain level before you can evolve your Pokemon.

Some Pokemon need to reach a minimum of level 30 before being eligible for them to evolve, like Piplup and Snivy. There is more to Pokemon evolution than just leveling up your pocket monsters.

You will need to do a few things before you can evolve your Pokemon.

Purchasing Evolution Materials

You will need to purchase materials that help to evolve your Pokemon, you can find these items in the store in the main hub. Simply press the Store button and choose the exchange items option.

You will need at least 1000 non-paid gems in order to collect Evolution Material. Every Evolution Shard you purchase so make sure that you think ahead and select which Pokemon you would like to evolve.

For the third evolution, your Pokemon needs to be a minimum of level 45 to be eligible, the Evolution Stones required to help your Pokemon get to the third stage will cost you about 5000 Gems and keeps increasing as you buy more.

You will also have to compete in battles in order to evolve your Pokemon, there are special battles in Pokemon Masters which you need to complete in order to evolve.

You will need to go to the Main Hub and select the Battle Option and select Evolution mission from the missions list.

Here are some of the Pokemon which you can evolve in Pokemon Masters.

  1. Seel
  2. Snivy
  3. Surskit
  4. Piplup
  5. Totodile
  6. Chikorita

This is all there is to know about how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.

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