What Is The Best Slowbro Build In Pokemon Unite

If you are looking for the best Slowbro build in Pokemon Unite, look no further. Read this article to find the best build.

Slowbro is one of the lazy Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, and in this article we will show you the best build for it. This build will help you get the best out of the Slowbro in the game.

Best Slowbro Build In Pokemon Unite

slowbro build pokemon unite

Check out the best build for Slowbro in Pokemon Unite below.

  • Because the Slowbro is a slow and lazy Pokemon, it will always be present in the center of the battle.
  • It is also a Damager, meaning it will constantly be in the thick of the action.
  • The smartest way to use the Slowbro is by utilizing its movepool so that it drains the health of enemies. This is a better strategy to implement instead of just running straight into the crowd.
  • When you reach the fourth level of the game, you should choose the Scald over the Surf.
  • The burn that is provided by the Scald is much more prominent and damaging when compared to the Surf.
  • Also, Scald has a shorter cooldown period than the Surf, meaning Slowbro’s
  • Oblivious ability can be activated more quickly.
  • Once you reach the sixth level of Pokemon Unite, you should turn the Slack Off into Telekinesis.
  • If you aim Telekinesis properly, it will stop the movement of the targeted opponent by shooting it up into the air.
  • Activating Telekinesis for a second time will attract your opponents in Slowbro’s direction.
  • Doing so will give your teammates enough time to strike.
  • After you reach level 10, you will be able to give your Pokemon three items at once.
  • You can either earn these items in the game or purchase some of them by spending Aeos Coins.
  • Spending these coins to buy items that complement Slowbro’s strengths will benefit you greatly.
  • One of these items is the Rocky Helmet. This item will help Slowbro take damage.
  • The Scald works well with this item.
  • Another great item for Slowbro is the Buddy Barrier. This item will provide the support that will help it by providing a shield.
  • A great way of maintaining Slowbro’s HP is using the Shell Bell.
  • If you pair this item with a Potion, you will practically turn the Slowbro into an untouchable tank.

This was the best build for Slowbro in Pokemon Unite. As you can see, these items help it get much better in the game. If you use the right combinations, you will turn the Slowbro into a great asset.

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