Pokémon Unite Wigglytuff Build: Best Tank Build

Learn more about the best Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff Build.

Are you looking for a Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff Build? Well, you are in the right place. Once you scroll down you will be able to see the best items and moves that you should use with the Wigglytuff. Now, let’s find out the best Wigglytuff Build.

Best Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff Build

Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff Build

Items: Shell Bell

  • Special Attack: +1.6 – 24
  • Move Cooldown: 0% – -4.5%
  • HP Heal Amount: 45 – 75

The Shell Bell is a passive health item. You will mainly be using Wigglytuff to soak up attacks as your line of defense. In such a scenario it is better to have this item equipped. You will be able to take a lot of hits for your team.

It will also restore at least 45/60/75 HP when you land an ability. The higher your Special Attack is, the more HP that you will recover.

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Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff Build Special Move

  • Pound (Level 1-3)
    • Damage of 936 units.
    • 5 Sec Cooldown Period
  • Dazzling Gleam (Level 4-15)
    • Damage: 1389-2191
    • 4.5 Sec Cooldown Period
  • Sing
    • Makes Pokemons sleepy after a while
    • 10 Sec Cooldown Period
  • Starlight Recital
    • Damage: 2120-2690
    • Percent Based Cooldown

Battle Items: Eject Button

Wigglytuff is very slow. It is very tuff to get it out of small spots (yes, pun intended). If you have an Eject Button you will be able to get Wigglytuff out of tight spots. If you use it in conjunction with the Sing Move you will be able to put a lot of Pokemon to sleep. It is something that you should have a look at while adding to your inventory.

This is everything you need to know about the best Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff Tank Build. Now that you are here make sure you have a look at the best Pikachu Build for Pokemon Unite.