Pokémon Unite Zeraora Build: Best Speedster Build

Find out all items to use with Zeraora in Pokemon Unite.

Are you looking for a Pokemon Unite Zeraora Build? Well, you have come to the right place. Scroll down and you will be able to see the best items and moves that you should use with the Zeraora Pokemon. Now, let’s find out the best Zeraora Build.

Best Pokemon Unite Zeraora Build

Pokemon Unite Zeraora Build

Held Items

  • Muscle Band

This adds to Zeraora’s offensive abilities. It will deal extra damage to enemies that have a higher HP rating. This will help you take down tanks easily.

    • Attack +1 ~ 15
    • Basic Attack Speed +0% ~ 7.50%
    • Bonus Attack Damage On Hit +1% ~ 3%
  • Scope Lens

Scope Lens increases your Critical Chance and damage.

    • Critical-Hit Rate +0.4% ~ 6%
    • Critical-Hit Damage +0% ~ 12%
  • Float Stone

Zeraora is a speedster, make no mistake. It is a fast-paced character with speedy attack movements. With Float Stone, these capabilities get boosted even further.

    • Attack +1.6 ~ 24
    • Movement Speed +0 ~ 120
    • Movement Speed Out of Combat +10% ~ 20%

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Pokemon Unite Zeraora Build Special Move

  • Volt Switch
    • Damage 726-1244
    • Cooldown Duration 8 Seconds
  • Discharge
    • Damage 2320-3608
    • Cooldown Duration 8.5 Seconds

Battle Items

  • Potion

When you are starting out in the game, Potion should be your go-to battle item. This will help increase your longevity and give you a smoother experience with Zeraora.

  • Fluffy Tail

Fluffy Tail works best with Zeraora’s offensive gameplay style. With this battle item, you can even stun wild enemies and increase your damage stats by a noticeable margin.

This is everything you need to know about the best Pokemon Unite Zeraora Speedster Build. Now that you are here make sure you have a look at the best Pikachu Build for Pokemon Unite. You can also have a look at the best Wigglytuff Tank Build to complement Zeraora.