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Pokémon Presents Seemingly Leaked for August, Datamine Suggests

A well-known Pokemon Masters EX dataminer may have revealed the date of the new Pokemon Presents for August yesterday, and now it seems another confirmation also arrived for the same event. The Twitter user CentroLeaks, thanks to the datamine of the latest Pokémon Masters EX update, managed to find the alleged Pokémon Presents event that will be broadcast in August. Check out all the information below.

Pokemon Presents Leaked for August 2023

Pokemon Presents Leaked for August

Pokemon fans are always waiting for the announcement of a showcase dedicated to their favorite series: a Pokemon Presents, in fact. The last of these conferences was held several months ago, in February, but, according to a leak that has been spreading like wildfire in the last few hours, there wouldn’t be much longer to wait.

We report an indiscretion released by the Twitter account CentroLeaks, the dataminer who discovered some interesting hidden data inside Pokémon Masters EX, the Gamefreak mobile game that could be the great protagonist of the event together with other Mobile worthy releases: we think Pokémon GO or the brand new Pokémon Sleep-related announcement might take place.

This is what the dataminer reports: from the in-depth analysis of the Pokémon Masters EX app it emerges that a new pocket monster-themed conference is not only around the corner but already has a beautiful broadcast date that specifies August 8th at 9 AM ET. If the indiscretion turns out to be true, it shouldn’t be long before the official announcement of the new pocket monster-themed conference takes place.

What could be the topics of the conference? Well, the list could be long. We assume that, finding some data within Pokémon Masters EX, an often underestimated title could certainly make an appearance, perhaps with a brand new event. Let’s not forget, as mentioned above, Pokémon Sleep or Pokémon GO-related announcement is also possible, as these apps are widely used by all fans of the series.

All we can do is wait for the announcement of the next Pokemon Presents, which seems to be imminent.