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Persona 4 Golden Social Links Wiki Guide

Learn every detail about Persona 4 Golden Social Links, an important mechanism that plays a big role in boss fights, character level up, unlocking new missions and more.

If you are playing Persona 4 Golden and not able to figure out how the Social Link system works then here is a detailed walkthrough to help you. Persona 4 Golden Social Link is the progression system. A mechanism where you develop relationships with other characters, unlock new objectives, items, abilities, boss fights, and more. You can never jump out of the Social Link system to reach the game true ending.

I am going to simplify everything and answer all your questions on Persona 4 Golden Social Link. Starting from what is Persona 4 Golden social links? how to max out social link levels or stats? how to unlock secret boss fights? and more. In short, you will learn everything about the game mechanism. Also in this Persona 4 Golden Social Link Wiki guide I am adding a list of every character, their Arcana, and Persona 4 Golden social link answers. Selecting the right answer will help you to max your social link stats with the character. They will be stronger during boss fights. Fusing Persona is also an integral part of the game. Some boss fights demanded fused personas, but if this sounds too confusing do not worry. Just keep reading this guide and you will set all your answers.

What is Social Links and how it works?

Starting from the basic query, Social Links is nothing but a relationship with your other characters. It is a process of developing a bond, which becomes stronger with repeated interaction. Social Links will help you to unlock the strong personas in Persona 4 Golden. It may sound simple, just by talking you can unlock new levels of Social Links, but a little detail will help you to be on the right track and helping help your party members to unlock new abilities.

Social Links will have a collaborative impact on your game. You can start gaining Social Links by talking to the characters in Persona 4 Golden. By speaking to them on a specific date and picking the right Social Link answer will help you to level up. Completing a job, or unlocking o rentering club can also be part of the same activity.

There are over 25 different characters in Persona 4 Golden. Building good social links is a large chunk of the game. So here is a list of every character and how to start an interaction with them. Next things will be meeting them regularly and choosing the right answer to max out social links in Persona 4 Golden. At first, I am adding the list of all characters, their arcana, and how you can unlock your social link with them. Click the link on character names to learn how to reach max Social Link rank with them. Learn about common days in a week to meet them and correct social link answers.

Persona 4 Golden Social Link Tips – All Characters

Below are the list of characters and their exact date and location. Meet them and start your Social Link progress. Also, click the link on each character to find how to reach Rank 10 of social link in Persona 4 Golden.

  1. Seekers of Truth: Starts from 12th March. (Judgement Arcana)
  2. Yosuke Hanamura: On 16th April talk to Yosuke. (Magician Arcana)
  3. Marie: On 18th April speak to Marie in the Velvet Room. (Aeon Arcana)
  4. Chie Satonaka: On 18th April speak to Chie. (Chariot Arcana)
  5. Kou Ichijo: After 19th April join the Basketball Club. (Strength Arcana)
  6. Daisuke Nagase: After 19th April join the Soccer Club. (Strength Arcana)
  7. Eri Minami: After 23rd April start your job at the Daycare Center. (Temperance Arcana)
  8. Yumi Ozawa: After 25th April join the Drama Club. (Sun Arcana)
  9. Ayane Matsunaga: After 25th April join the Band Club. (Sun Arcana)
  10. Nanako Dojima: On 3rd May talk to Nanako. (Justice Arcana)
  11. Fox: On 5th May talk to Fox at Tatsuhime Shrine. (Hermit Arcana)
  12. Dojima: On 6th May talk to Fox at Dojima . (Hierophant  Arcana)
  13. Adachi: On 13th May talk to Adachi at Junes and choose option to Hang out with Adachi. (Jester Arcana)
  14. Margaret: After 19th May talk to Margaret in the Velvet Room after unlocking Level 3 Knowledge. (Empress Arcana).
  15. Sayoko Uehara: On 25th May start your job at the Hospital. (Devil Arcana)
  16. Shu Nakajima: After 25th May start your job as Tutor. (Tower Arcana)
  17. Naoki Konishi: On 8th June speak to Noaki 3 times. Requires Level 3 Understanding. (Hanged Man Arcana)
  18. Yukiko Amagi: On 17th June talk to Yukiko. (Priestess Arcana)
  19. Teddie: On 24th June talk to Teddie. (Star Arcana)
  20. Kanji Tatsumi: After 9th June talk to two characters. First is the girl next to the stars at school and then Kanji. (Emperor Arcana)
  21. Rise Kujikawa: On 23rd July talk to Rise. (Lovers Arcana)
  22. Hisano Kuroda: Talk to Hisano at the Flodo Plains on Sunday or holiday after your Devil Social Link reaches Rank 4. (Death Arcana)
  23. Naoto Shirogane: After 21st October  talk to man in black in the Shopping District. Then return to speak and talk to Naoto. You will need Max Knowledge + Courage.  (Fortune Arcana).
  24. Investigation Team: Complete Yukiko’s Castle.  (Fool Arcana).
  25. Ai Ebihara: Unlock Strength Level 4 and talk to Ai at school. Unlock Level 3 Courage and skip class with Ai. (Moon Arcana)

With the above details you can start your Persona 4 Golden Social Link missions. Maxing out the best ones are recommended that leads to unlock of secret boss, abilities, persona’s and more.