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Yosuke Magician Arcana Social Link Answers Guide – Persona 4 Golden

Here is how you can max out Social Link with Chie in Persona 4 Golden, unlock the Wristband in the end to fuse Personas.

Yosuke can be your best buddy in Persona 4 Golden. Sometimes he is out of this mind but a reliable character. Yosuke will be with you throughout the game, and you can rank up Magician Arcana by leveling up social links with him. On Rank 10 you will unlock a new attack and some bonus items. His skills are highly useful in the battle working on ranking social skills with Yosuke Hanamura is important in Persona 4 Golden. On reaching Max 10 Rank Yosuke will learn Evade Electric Attack. You will unlock Buddy’s Bandage item that can be used to fuse Susano-o and Mada.

Yosuke Hanamura is available on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and not on rainy days. He is in the Classroom Building 2F level in School during weekdays. During the holidays you can find him at Junes.


Yosuke Social Link Answers to Unlock Rank 10

  • Rank 1 – Unlocks on April 16. Part of story progression.
  • Rank 2 – Yosuke will Unlock Trafuri Skill. Follow the below choices.
    • Question – Sorry about that. You know me, I’m infamous around here.
    • “It must be tough.” (+3)
  • Rank 3 -Follow the below choices.
    • Question – Wait a minute… Am I starting to sound like Teddie?
    • “Hmm, you’re looking hairier.” (+3)
    • “Teddie’s cute.” (+2)
    • Question – Looks like someone got my address. I get a lot of spam.
    • Pick any option.
  • Rank 4 – Yosuke will Unlock Dekaja Skill.
    • Question – hew, I’m beat… I am not the complaints department..
    • “You’re incredible.” (+3)
    • “Don’t strain yourself.” (+2)
    • “That must be hard.” ” (+1)
    • Question – I have to do what I can…
    • “That’s the spirit!” (+3)
  • Rank 5 – Choices in this section can impact your relationship.
    • Question – So…? You keep the goods under your futon?
    • “Of course.”  (+3)
    • “Huh?” (+3)
    • Question – So, you ever invited a girl in here?
    • “I will soon.” (+3)


  • Rank 6 – Yosuke will Unlock Auto-Sukukaja.
    • Question – But hey, I’m glad you were there! Thanks.
    • “No problem.” (+3)
    • “Tell me next time!” (+3)
    • “It was fun.” (+3)
    • Question – So… there’s no need to bother with outsiders.
    • “You’re right.” (+3)
    • “Man, you’re mature.” (+3)
  • Rank 7 –  During this part you can talk to the lady in Junes Lobby. This will give you a option to unlock a new costume for your friend. Pick any random options for both the interactions
    • Question – They started to badmouth Saki-senpai…
    • Question – I just blurted out a buncha crap, huh?
  • Rank 8 –  Yosuke ill Unlocks Diarama. Pick any random options for all the interactions.
    • Question – But then…
    • Question – I’m sorry… Saki-senpai. I’m sorry.
    • Question – I think I’m all cried out…
  • Rank 9
    • Question – TYosuke is smiling sadly…
    • “Cheer up.” (+2)
    • Question – Just being born, living your life… Before you know it, you’re already special to someone.
    • “You’re right.” (+3)
    • “That’s not true.” (+3)
    • “I don’t get it.” (+3)
  • Rank 10
    • For the final social rank there are not specific choices. You can go with all random options and to unlock the final Rank 10 of Yosuke Social Link.


Finally after maxing out the Social link with Yosuke in Persona 4 Golden he will unlock the Electric Evade attack. And you will also receive a Buddy’s Bandage item that will let you fuse Susano-o and Mada.