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Persona 4 Golden Multiple Endings Guide – How to Unlock Good Ending

Persona 4 Golden has multiple endings, but if you are looking to unlock Persona 4 Golden good ending then follow the options of this guide.

Persona 4 Golden has good and bad endings. In this multiple ending guide, you can find options to unlock Persona 4 Golden good ending. To get the true ending in Persona 4 Golden you will have to remember some important points during the game. If you are unable to follow the same it will lead to a Personal 4 Golden band ending. Do not worry here is what you have to do to unlock the true ending.


How to unlock True or Good Ending?

The most important thing to unlock Persona 4 Good Ending is to keep your temper under control. The true ending entirely relies on this one factor in the game. All your decisions you will make will have an impact on the gameplay. Also, you can unlock extra hours of new content through the choices. But that is a later thing, what matters is to keep your Temper low so that you can unlock Persona 4 good ending easily.

On December 3 you will reach a point where you will have to answer some questions. The answers to these questions will determine whether you will unlock a good or bad ending in the game. During the Taro Namatame encounter inside a TV World pick the right set of answers and choices for the ending. There are 7 dialogues during this mission and here is the list of answers. Select them in the same order as listed below.

  1. Any option is fine
  2. “Wait a second here…”
  3. “We’re missing something.”
  4. “Namatame’s true feeling.”
  5. “Something’s bothering me.”
  6. “We’re missing something…”
  7. “Calm the hell down!”

Pick all the options in the right order and you will unlock Persona 4 Golden good ending. If you fail the game will skip to March 20 and this is where you will see the band ending. So all the choices above have a major impact on the endings in Persona 4 Golden on December 5. Continue with Adachi on the next objective to reach the true ending of the game. Complete the final objective and return to Junes Food Court. Avoid the home, and finally, you will see how Persona 4 Golden concludes.


You can also unlock Hollow Forest by increasing their relationship with Marie. Max out the social link relationship and unlock access to this unique dungeon along with the good ending.