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Margaret Empress Arcana Social Link Guide – How to Reach Rank 10

Ranking up Social Link with Margaret will unlock secret Margaret boss fight in Persona 4 Golden. To help you here is an detailed guide on how to max out social link rank.

Margaret is mysterious and you will unlock new missions from her in Persona 4 Golden. Her missions require Persona Fusion, and most of the objectives are kind of small puzzles. Reaching Social Link Rank 10 with Margaret will allow you to unlock a secret boss fight. Where you will fight one of the toughest bosses in Persona 4 Golden, Margaret herself. She represents the Empress Social link that unlocks a lot of unique persona fusions. So it is challenging yet highly effective to build a strong relationship with her.

Margaret will push you to do more persona fusions were completing her mission will help you to unlock new abilities. To complete her requires you will need to unlock the Persona Fusion first, so here is a detailed guide on the same. She will be always available in the Velvet Room.


Margaret Social Link Answers to Unlock Rank 10

Below are a list o fall Personal Fusions solutions in Persona 4 Golden. Each represents the Empress Arcana. You will have to deliver a personal to Margaret to level up. Using this guide you can easily learn about all necessary persona fusions.

  • Rank 1 – Go to Velvet Room on or after May 19th. You will need Knowledge Level 3 to talk to Margaret. Rank 1 unlocks automatically as you start talking to her.
  • Rank 2 – You have to be on Level 17 or higher to complete the Ippon-datara (Hermit) with Sukukaja Skill fusion of Rank 2.
    • Ippon-datara with Sukukaja
    • Fuse Sylph (Temperance) + Archangel (Justice), Lilim (Devil) or Cu Sith (Sun)
    • Fuse Obariyon (Fool) + Level 10 Ghoul (Death)


  • Rank 3 – You have to be on Level 24 to complete the Matador with Mahama Skill fusion of Rank 3.
    • Matador with Mahama.
    • Fuse Level 19 Anzu (Hierophant) + Berith (Hanged Man).
    • Fuse Power (Justice) + Oberon (Emperor) + Saki Mitama (Priestess).
    • Fuse Power (Justice) + Andras (Moon) + Omoikane (Hierophant).
  • Rank 4 – You have to be on Level 31 to complete the Gdon (Sun) with the Rampage skill fusion of Rank 4.
    • Gdon (Sun) with the Rampage skill.
    • Fuse Level 28 Ares (Chariot) + Shiisaa (Hieophant).
    • Fuse Legion (Fool) + Level 23 Ares (Chariot).
  • Rank 5 – You have to be on Level 32 to complete Neko-shogun (Star) with Bufula fusion of Rank 5.
    • Neko-shogun (Star) with Bufula.
    • King Frost (Emperor) + Hua Po (Magician) to get Kusi Mitana (Strength).
    • Cross fuse Ara Mitama (Chariot)  + Saki Mitama (Priestess) + Nigi Mitama (Temperance) + Kusi Mitama (Priestess).
  • Rank 6 – You have to be on Level 38 to complete Black Frost (Fool) with Auto-Sukukaja skill fusion of Rank 6.
    • Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja
    • Level 20 Anzu (Hierophant) + Sylph (Temperance) or Apsaras (Temperance). This makes Jack Frost (Magician) with the Auto Sukukaja skill.
    • Cross fuse with Pyro Jack (Magician) + Jack Frost (Magician) + King Frost (Emperor) + Pixie (Magician) and Ghoul (Death).
  • Rank 7 – You have to be on Level 40 to complete Yatagarusu (Sun) with the Megido skill fusion of Rank 7.
    • Yatagarasu with Megido
    • Fuse Taotie (Tower) + Cu Sith (Sun)
    • Fuse Ares (Chariot) with Megido + Black Frost (Fool)
  • Rank 8 – Yatsufusa (Hanged Man) persona with Mediarama.
    • Star Fusion will be available on July 20th.
    • Fuse Thoth (Emperor) + Orthrus (Hanged Man) +  Makami (Hanged Man) +  Narasimha (Sun) + Mothman (Hermit).
  • Rank 9 – You have to be on Level 50 to complete Ganesha (Star) with Tetrakarn fusion of Rank 9.
    • Fuse Decarabia (Fool) + Cu Chulain (Tower).
    • Triple Fusion Mithra (Temperance) + Yatsufusa (Hanged Man) + Decarabia (Fool)
  • Rank 10 – You have to be on Level 67 to complete Trumpeter with Mind Charge fusion of Rank 10.
    • Fuse Matador (Death) + White Rider (Death) + Daisoujou (Hierophant) + Pabilsag (Emperor) + Taown (Hanged Man) + Level 38 Taotie (Tower).

This may sound too much but if you can find the proper fuse combination you can make the one Margaret is looking for. In this way, you can max out the Empress Social Link in Persona 4 Golden and unlock a secret boss fight. But first, she will reward with a Spiral Brooch item, you can use this fuse Isis.