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How To Increase Understanding In Persona 4 Golden?

Here's how you can boost Understanding and eventually max it in Persona 4 Golden.

Understanding is one of the important social stats that you have to raise in Persona 4 Golden. We have already covered the topics of how to boost Knowledge, Diligence and Courage. In this guide, though, we will take a look at everything you must do in order to increase Understanding in Persona 4 Golden.

Raising Understanding in Persona 4 Golden

As the name of the stat tells you, Understanding is the quality that gives you more compassion and, well, an understanding and kind nature. When you increase this stat, you will unlock social links of the Hanged-Man (Naoki Konishi) and the Tower (Shu Nakajima).

Plus, the part-time job of baby-sitting is unlocked. This stat will also give you more dialogue choices. Here are all the levels of Understanding in Persona 4 Golden.

  • Level 1: Basic (under 15 points)
  • Level 2: Kindly (16 to 39 points)
  • Level 3: Generous (40 to 79 points)
  • Level 4: Motherly (80 to 139 points)
  • Level 5: Saintly (More than 140 points)

Max Understanding Stat

You will need to complete the following activities in order to upgrade this stat. Remember that when you max out all social qualities, you will get benefits for it as well, so make it a priority while playing the game.

  • Work at the origami folding part-time job
  • Eat ramen at Aiya every time it rains (spend 3000 yen)
  • Work part-time as a babysitter
  • Play with the cat at Dojima’s residence
  • Read these books
    • Off Today
    • Short on Cash
    • Sensei’s friends
    • Changing Careers
    • Riddlemania
    • Witch Detective

So, this is how you can improve this stat in the game. If you want to know how to increase and max out Courage, Knowledge and Diligence, click on the links given. For more tips and tricks, here are some Persona 4 Golden guides for you.