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9 Ways To Increase Diligence In Persona 4 Golden

How to raise Diligence in Persona 4 Golden? Here are all the different ways to do it.

Since Persona 4 Golden is a JRPG, of course, there will be the option to level up your character. You can do this by upgrading the social qualities that your character possesses. One of the social qualities in this game, apart from Courage and Knowledge, is Diligence. In this guide, we will show you how to boost Diligence in Persona 4 Golden and max it too.

Raise Diligence in Persona 4 Golden


Diligence is interlinked with many different tasks in the game. Like the other stats, even this one has five levels. They are as follows:

  • Level 1: Callow (under 15 points)
  • Level 2: Persistent (16 to 39 points)
  • Level 3: Strong (40 to 79 points)
  • Level 4: Persuasive (80 to 139 points)
  • Level 5: Rock solid (More than 140 points)

How to Boost Diligence Stat?


If you manage to increase your Diligence stat to 5 as well as other social qualities of Knowledge, Courage and Understanding, you can finish Aiya Diner’s Mega Beef Bowl Challenge. So, let’s see which activities you need to do to increase this stat:

  • Being a part of the Basketball or Soccer team (sports club) and being regular at it
  • Part time job of making envelopes
  • Reading the Office Work Manual
  • Playing with a cat at Dojima Residence
  • Working at a bar
  • Eating at Aiya when it’s raining
  • Making models
  • Gardening at Dojima Residence
  • Reading these books

    • Fun with Numbers
    • Who am I?
    • Witch Detective
    • Riddlemania

Doing these tasks will open up the job opportunities of hospital janitor leading you to the Devil social link. Apart from this, you will also be able to unlock the origami-related job as well as fish more due to the Diligence stat.


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