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How To Catch A Sea Guardian: Persona 4 Golden Guide

Capturing a Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden is quite a tough task and requires you to do many things before that. Follow this guide to know the steps.

Since Persona 4 Golden is now available on PC, players have already begun their journeys in the game. It’s one of the most popular JRPGs ever and has seen some glowing reviews for its PC port. While playing this game, one of the quests that you will find is to catch a Sea Guardian. In this guide, we will take you through the process of catching a Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden.


How to Capture Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden

Catching the Sea Guardian is not so easy because it is a very special, legendary fish. There are many things you must do before you get to fishing the Sea Guardian.

The first thing to have is a fishing rod. There’s a whole process to complete in order to have one. We have covered it in our guide on how to catch the Red Goldfish. Read the section on how to get a fishing rod and come back to read this article.

Got the fishing rod from the old man at the Samegawa Riverbank? Great! Now, the next thing to do is to reach the Shichiri beach. Make sure the location is unlocked prior to this by acquiring the scooter. Then, “take a long ride” three times and reach the beach.

Now, when you use the fishing rod at the beach, you will realize that a different rod is needed. You will get that rod from the old man back at the Riverbank. But again, getting it is not so straightforward, because there’s another fish you need to catch for that.

Catching the River Guardian


The old man will tell you about the River Guardian and will ask you to capture it. For this, you will need an Inaba Jewel Bug which can be caught at Tatsuhime Shrine. Once you have it, use it as a fish bait, catch the River Guardian when it’s raining and give it to the elderly man. In return, he will give you a deep sea rod.

Catching the Sea Guardian

Now, with the deep sea rod, you must use the Genji Beetle as bait. You can buy it from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities on August 22 or catch it like other bugs.

To know if it’s a Sea Guardian, you should be looking for lots of splashes and big ripples. If you don’t, cast it again. Once you have it hooked, reel it in and voila, you will have the Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden. Also note that it is not mandatory for it to be raining but it does increase your chances.

If it takes you many attempts, don’t worry, this task is hard so you are not alone. So, keep trying and eventually you will manage to catch the Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden. Stay with GamerTweak for more tips and tricks for this game.