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Increase Knowledge In Persona 4 Golden: How To Max Knowledge Stat?

These are the ways to raise Knowledge stat in Persona 4 Golden. Keep improving it to eventually max it out in the game.

In Persona 4 Golden, you play as a teenaged protagonist who, along with his friends, needs to save the world from dark forces. As with other RPGs, this game, too, has a system that will help you upgrade your character as the story progresses and this system is of Social Stats. One of these Social Stats is the Knowledge stat, which is what we will cover in this guide. Let’s find out how you can boost and max Knowledge in Persona 4 Golden.

How To Raise Knowledge Stat in Persona 4 Golden?

When you increase this stat, eventually you will level it up to 5 which is the maximum. Having good knowledge will help you do very well in exams. If you come out on top in the class, you will also get rewards from teachers, receive a prize from Nanako and money from Dojima. It will also be beneficial for your social links.

Plus, a new part-time job of Translation will come into the picture. Here are the five levels of this stat.

Level 1
Aware: Under 29 points

Level 2
Informed: 30 to 79 points

Level 3
Expert: 80 to 149 points

Level 4
Professor: 150 to 239 points

Level 5
Sage: More than 240 points

How to Boost and Max Out Knowledge Stat?

These are some of the ways you can ensure that your stats rise.

  • Giving the right answers in class. Our handy guide on all Classroom answers in Persona 4 Golden  will help you out.
  • Studying at night at your desk
  • On rainy days, studying will give better results
  • Studying with friends
  • Studying at the library after school
  • If it’s raining, eat ramen at Aiya to get a stat rise

You can also read these books on the sofa to get an improvement.

  • The Gentle Way
  • Guide to Pests
  • The Divine Way
  • The O-Cha way
  • Who Am I?
  • The Punk’s Way
  • The Noodle Way
  • Fun with numbers

In short, being a good student will help you immensely. With a raised Knowledge stat, you can unlock the Margaret social link and one more social link that you will figure out as you play. Reaching the max Knowledge will benefit you in more ways than one, so focus on it as you progress in the story.

This is everything about Knowledge in Persona 4 Golden. Read more of our guides on this game like how to catch bugs, how to catch a Sea Guardian and how to beat Golden hands.