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How To Catch Bugs In Persona 4 Golden – Bug Catching Guide

How to get the net for catching bugs in Persona 4 Golden? This guide will tell you all the steps for it!

Persona 4 Golden has arrived for PC and fans couldn’t be more excited. This massive game has an interesting story about the protagonist’s high-school life as well as exciting combat to experience. Among all of this, there are also many side quests you have to complete. One of these activities is to catch bugs. Catching bugs in Persona 4 Golden is quite easy. In this guide, we will explain how to catch bugs in Persona 4 Golden.


Persona 4 Golden Bug Catching Guide

The first thing you should do (after June 4) is visit the Tatsuhime Shrine. There, you will see a boy who will tell you about a net he has lost. You need this bug net so your next goal is to find it.

Now, go back to the Shrine during night time. You will see a Lady in White. Talk to her. She will ask for a Red Goldfish. If you don’t have the fish, then she will mention a net that’s on the Shrine’s roof. Simply say ‘yes’ to take the net.

When you take the net and go to the boy during the day, he will tell you that he already has a replacement and that you can keep the previous net. This is when you will be able to catch bugs with the net.

At the Shrine, you must go towards the trees. Here, a mini-game related to catching bugs will begin. Note that you can catch bugs during the day or night and the bugs you catch will depend on that. You might end up getting the Tatsuhime Ladybug for the Red Goldfish, the Inaba Jewel Bug for the River Guardian, or the Genji Beetle for the Sea Guardian.

Bug Catching Mini-Game


When a “!” appears over the character’s head, immediately press X. This will make your net swing at the right time to catch bugs in Persona 4 Golden.

Doing this right (or “perfectly”) will earn you the Bug Hunter trophy and more bugs, especially if you have read the bug-catching books. These books are ‘Catching Bugs’ and ‘World Class Bugs’. If you are off, then you will catch less bugs.

To get the perfect timing, practice is the only thing required. As you keep doing it, you will understand the right time to press the button.

So, this is everything about catching bugs. For more useful tips and tricks, be sure to keep reading our guides.