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Horizon Forbidden West Performance Vs Quality Modes

Got your hands on Horizon Forbidden West and wondering if you should pick performance over quality? Keep reading to learn about the differences between the two modes.

PS5 players get the choice of picking performance or quality when playing Horizon Forbidden West. While one may wonder, does it even really make any big of a difference and the answer to it is yes. Both of these modes make noticeable changes when you play or switch between them. The resolution differences in both the modes for both the consoles are unique. So in this guide let us check performance mode vs quality/resolution mode in Horizon Forbidden West and which should you pick.

Horizon Forbidden West Performance vs Quality

performance mode vs quality resolution mode horizon forbidden west

The Original PS4 or the PS4 slim version allows you to run the game at 1080p at 30FPS. And the Resolution mode allows PS4 Pro players to play Horizon Forbidden West in 1800p at 30 FPS. While the Pro variant of PS4 might give you a higher resolution, both of these consoles are locked at 30 FPS. So even if you can’t get the crisp 60 FPS gameplay, the game runs really well on both systems just one gets a little lower resolution than the other.

Now let us talk about the game on PS5. You can either choose Performance mode which gives you locked 60 FPS with a resolution of 1800p. Or you can choose to play the game at 4K at 30 FPS using the Quality/Resolution mode. Both of these options do a good job of serving their respective purposes. The best thing you can do is to switch between them. When you are in areas where there aren’t many enemies and you are exploring, Resolution mode is the right pick. As the graphics of the world this game offers looks very beautiful in this mode. And when you are doing a boss fight or taking a huge group of enemies then Performance mode is a better choice. The reason for this is your main focus will be your enemy so you won’t get much chance to admire the wild anyway. But the additional frames will let you enjoy the fights in a smooth manner.

So to sum up the major differences.

  • Performance mode (PS5): 1800p at 60 FPS
  • Quailty mode (PS5): 4K at 30 FPS
  • PS4 Pro: 1800p at 30 FPS
  • PS4: 1080p at 30 FPS

Should you pick the performance mode or quality mode?

The answer to this question is both, you should decide the mode based on the situation. You should go with the Performance mode when you want more frames. Choose Quality/Resolution mode when you want better graphics. Ultimately it comes down to how you want to experience the game. One thing that is certain is no matter the mode you choose, you will still enjoy the game.

That sums up this guide on performance mode vs quality mode in Horizon Forbidden West. If you like playing this game be sure to check our other guides on how to examine machine carcass, how to use the pullcaster, and how to throw rocks. And if you are just starting to play the game then you should learn the best skills to unlock early and controls guide for Horizon Forbidden West.