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Horizon Forbidden West Best Skills To Unlock Early

Overwhelmed by the many skills Horizon Forbidden West offers and not sure which ones to get first? Keep reading as this guide will help you out.

Horizon Forbidden West is an Action-RPG Adventure game and hence offers players many different skills. These are very useful for the players, as they can upgrade them to get various boosts like more resources, faster regen of weapon stamina, and more. And while it may offer many skills, you can’t unlock them all at the same time. Hence, you should unlock some skills early in the game to help you make your playthrough a bit easier. So in this guide let us check the best skills to unlock early in Horizon Forbidden West.


Horizon Forbidden West Best Skills

horizon forbidden west best early skills
Image Credit: JorRaptor on YouTube

Below are the main Skill trees that have individual skills which you can get as you progress. You need to do a lot of side quests when progressing through the story if you want to get yourself some extra skill points. Thanks to JorRaptor on YouTube for suggesting these skills.


These are all the different Skill trees that Horizon Forbidden West offers to the players.

  • Warrior
  • Trapper
  • Hunter
  • Survivor
  • Infiltrator
  • Machine Master

Best Warrior Skills


  • Burst Fire: Lets Aloy fire 3 arrows in a quick succession/quick burst for the equipped weapons. This skill costs a little amount of weapon stamina.

Best Hunter Skills in Horizon Forbidden West

  • Weapon Stamina+: Increases the limit of your weapon stamina.
  • Stamina Regen: Regenerates your weapon stamina quickly.
  • Triple Notch: Let’s you load 3 arrows for your currently equipped weapon. When you fire normally it will release all arrows simultaneously. Remember this skill costs a little bit of weapon stamina.
  • Concentration+: Increases the limit of your concentration. When you enter concentration mode it slows down the time.
  • Concentration Regen: Regenerates Concentration faster.
  • Deep Concentration: Depletes concentration slowly, thus letting you use more of it before running out.
  • Ammo Expert: This allows you to craft more arrows while using the same amount of resources.
  • Workbench Expert: Lets you craft ammo using fewer resources at the Workbench than in the wild.
  • Sustained Burst: This skill is for the Boltblaster. It lets you unleash the entire clip of bolts. It uses all of the bolts loaded even if your attack gets interrupted. Lastly, it also costs a large amount of weapon stamina. Try pairing this attack with the concentration mode to slow down the time and improve your aim.
  • Powershots: This Lets you deal more damage for certain shots when using Bows, Boltblasters, Spike Throwers, and Ropecasters. A good thing about this skill is it doesn’t use ammo.


Best Survivor Skills

  • Potent Medicine: Gives you faster and more healing.
  • Medicine Capacity: This allows you to carry more medicinal berries in your Medicine pouch.
  • Potion Proficiency: Helps you consume potions faster and also gives you more health. Although this ability is more useful on higher difficulties.
  • Plant Forger: Gives you more resources when you gather plants.
  • Valor on Impact: Get Valor when you take hits from enemies.

Best Infiltrator Skills

  • Critical Boost: Increases your chances of dealing more critical hits and doing critical damage.

Best Machine Master Skills in Horizon Forbidden West.

  • Splitting Spike: Splits the spear into multiple projectiles when you launch it. This attack covers a large area. Using this skill also costs a decent amount of weapon stamina.

You need to unlock these skills to get the above skill.

  • Mounted Defense: Take less damage when you are mounted.
  • Lasting Override: Keeps the machines overridden for a longer period of time.
  • Machine Health: Give more health to the machines you have overridden.

In case you need extra help with these skills or more information on them and some other useful tips then check out the video by JorRaptor on it.

That sums up this guide on the best skills in Horizon Forbidden West that you should get early. If you like playing this game then be sure to check our other guides on how to fly, how to swim, and how to save game in Horizon Forbidden West.