How To Get Flying Machine Mount (Sunwing) In Horizon Forbidden West

How to fly in Horizon Forbidden West and how to unlock a flying machine mount that you can use to take flight? Get your answers here.

Can you fly in Horizon Forbidden West with the help of a flying mount machine? Yes, you can! In this article, we will take a look at how to unlock and ride flying mounts as well as the controls you need to use during your flight.

How to Fly in Horizon Forbidden West using Machine Mounts?

There are quite a few mounts that you can override and use to ride but there’s just one machine that will let you fly and that’s the Sunwing. You can unlock it when you get to the main quest The Wings of the Ten. During this section of the game, you can override it and use it as a flying mount and experience it for the first time. After this, players can use the Sunwing Call button at the bottom left of the screen and it will be at your service. Once you see the Sunwing icon, simply press the down button on the D-pad to let Aloy jump on the machine and that’s it. You’ll start flying.

how to unlock flying mount machines forbidden west
image credit: Northwolf911 Gaming on Youtube

Horizon Forbidden West Flying Mount Controls

Horizon Forbidden West

Action Flight Control
Descend Left stick up
Ascend Left stick down
Turn left Left stick left
Turn right Left stick right
Speed up Hold X
Slow Down/Hover Hold Circle
Hover ascend Hold R1
Hover descend Hold R2
Dismount Square
Barrel roll movement Triangle

Using a flying machine mount will be super useful to not only navigate faster but also to scout locations better. If you feel like you need a break from the adventure and just want to take in the amazing environment, simply get on one and fly across the map whenever you wish. In case you see the same symbol of the Sunwing around the map while you are flying, you can actually land there.

So, this is how to fly in Horizon Forbidden West with the help of flying mounts/machines and the controls you need to use during your flight. We’ll be covering more tips and tricks to assist you in Aloy’s journey right here on Gamer Tweak.