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How To Throw Rocks In Horizon Forbidden West

Want to distract enemies for a while? How to throw rocks in Horizon Forbidden West.

As Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, you will need to use your bow and arrows, be stealthy when required and sometimes, you may need to throw rocks. It isn’t entirely clear how to do it and involves a few steps which is confusing many players. To help you out, here’s a quick guide on how to throw a rock in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Throw a Rock in Horizon Forbidden West?


Follow these steps to throw a rock:

  • There will be plenty of rocks around you. Pick one up by approaching it and pressing Triangle on your controller. You should see the prompt pop up for it as soon as you’re near a rock that can be picked.
    how to pick up rock Horizon Forbidden West
  • Now, you need to add it to your Hunter’s kit. Bring it up by pressing and holding the Down D-pad.
    how to add rock to hunters kit
  • Press Left or Right D-pad to get to the + sign (Empty Slot) and add it there by pressing the Square button.
    how to equip rock forbidden west
  • From the options you see, switch to the Rock option and press X to Equip. If you want to unequip it, you can press X again.
  • The next thing to do is get the rock in Aloy’s hand. Do it by pressing Down D-pad.
  • You will notice that her stance will change and there will be a trajectory shown.
    how to throw rocks Horizon Forbidden West
  • Pick a direction and angle of throwing the rock
  • Remember that you don’t have to aim with L2 because it will bring up your bow and arrow instead.
  • Simply press R2 when your direction and angle are decided and Aloy will throw the rock in Horizon Forbidden West.
  • When you collect more rocks, you will see their number increase in Hunter’s kit.

When should you Throw Rocks?


If you want Aloy to distract enemies for a short amount of time while trying to move undetected, you can throw rocks to do so. Players can pick up new rocks or pick the previously-thrown rocks again too.

In case you need a little extra help with it then you can check our video on it.


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