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How To Fast Travel In Horizon Forbidden West

Know all the ways to do fast traveling in Horizon Forbidden West - one can be done for free while one needs a purchase or crafting.

Horizon Forbidden West has a big map and moving around on foot may not be feasible at all times. You can use the flying mount Sunwing if you have unlocked it or use another rideable mount. But you also need to know how to fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West if you would like to go from one location to another with a snap of a finger.


How to Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West?

You can fast travel via Campfires or with the help of Fast Travel Packs that you can craft or purchase.

How to Use Campfires for Fast Traveling


how to fast travel campfires

  • Campfires are indicated on the map in the form of a ‘fire and sticks’ symbol.
  • Open up the map, reach the nearest location where you see the campfire and interact with it.
  • You will see three options – two related to saving and one for fast traveling.
  • Press the Circle button on your PS controller to fast travel for free in Horizon Forbidden West.
  • Select the location where you wish to go (make sure that you have visited there before) and follow the prompt to fast travel there.

How to Craft Fast Travel Packs for Fast Traveling?


You can either purchase or craft a Fast Travel pack to teleport across the map. Press and hold down on the D-pad and craft one via the Hunter Kit. You will require 10 Ridge Wood and 3 Wild Meat for this purpose.

Where to Find Ridge Wood?

Players can obtain Ridge Wood near water areas so open up the map and explore such regions to collect Ridge Wood.


How to Get Wild Meat?

For Wild Meat, you need to hunt animals and loot the bodies. If you spot a Racoon in the wild, go ahead and hunt it down to obtain WIld Meat and then press Triangle to ‘Take All’.

How to Buy Fast Travel Packs?

You require 25 Metal Shards to purchase a Fast Travel Pack. Approach a Hunting Merchant and exchange your metal shards for the pack. Players can farm Metal Shards by killing machines and collecting the loot. When you bring the loot to merchants, you can get metal shards in return.

These are all the different ways to fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West. While campfires allow you to travel for free, they can be far sometimes. But if they can be easily reached, make sure to save your Fast Travel Pack and use the free mode of teleportation in the game. Plus, campfires allow you to save manually so there’s an additional benefit for you.