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Horizon Forbidden West Quest List – Main Story, Side & Errands

Here are all the main missions in Horizon Forbidden West that you need to complete.

Horizon Forbidden West is finally here, and we are shocked at how amazing the game is. If you have already played the previous one, this will be over your expectations. The gameplay, mounts, using weapons, and other animations have gotten way better than before. So if are looking for a list of all the main story quests, side quests, and errands in Horizon Forbidden West, then we got you covered.


List of All Quests in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West main missions list

Our list of all quests in Horizon Forbidden West is divided into the three main categories as the game:


  1. Main Quests
  2. Side Quests
  3. Errands

Horizon Forbidden West Main Quests List

  • Reach for the Stars
  • The Point of the Lance
  • To the Brink
  • The Embassy
  • Death’s Door
  • The Dying Lands
  • The Eye of the Earth
  • The Broken Sky
  • The Kulrut
  • Cradle of Echoes
  • The Sea of Sands
  • Seeds of the Past
  • Faro’s Tomb
  • Gemini
  • All That Remains
  • The Wings of the Ten
  • Singularity


Horizon Forbidden West Side Quests List

  • Deep Trouble
  • The Twilight Path
  • The Bristlebacks
  • Shadow From the Past
  • Shadow in the West
  • The Burning Blooms
  • A Tribe Apart
  • Drowned Hopes
  • The Promontory
  • The Roots That Bind
  • The Music in Metal
  • The Second Verse
  • What Was Lost
  • Forbidden Legacy
  • Thirst for the Hunt
  • The Wound in the Sand
  • The Gate of the Vanquished
  • In Bloom
  • Need to Know
  • Drowned Hopes
  • Breaking Even
  • Signal Spike
  • The Deluge
  • Lofty Ambitions
  • Blood for Blood
  • The Valley of the Fallen
  • What Was Lost
  • In the Fog
  • A Soldier’s March
  • The Blood Choke
  • The Way Home
  • Forbidden Legacy



  • A Bigger Boom
  • A Dash of Courage
  • Burden of Command
  • A Hunt to Remember
  • A Soldier’s March
  • Call and Response
  • First to Fly
  • Learning Machine Strike
  • Nights of Lights
  • Shining Example
  • Signals of the Sun
  • The Enduring
  • The Old-growth
  • Sons of Prometheus Data
  • The Souvenir
  • The Taste of Victory
  • Tides of Justice

So that’s our list of all the main story quests, side quests, and errands in Horizon FW. While you are here, make sure to check out our Horizon Forbidden West Guides like how to fast travelunlock rideable mounts, flying mount, and the best skills to unlock first.