Outriders: How To Open And Read Map

Here's how to open and read maps in Outriders.

Outriders feature two main maps, each with the option of completing secondary missions and exploring all areas in order to obtain loot. When we need to use fast travel, we have a primary map that includes all the information about the area we are visiting as well as the objectives. We also get an in-game mini-map that includes all of the details needed to navigate each area separately. So let us look at how to open and read maps in Outriders.

How to Open Map in Outriders?

To open a map for fast traveling in Outriders all you have to do is speak to Jakub. He’s always in the same spot in all areas like Rift Town, Trench Town, and the hubs, always near your gear and stash box. When he doesn’t have any primary quests, speak with him and tell him it’s time to head out. This will bring up the world map, allowing you to fast-travel to any area with flags you captured.

Outriders How To Open And Read Map

How to Read Map in Outriders?

To read the map in Outriders, you must first grasp what each symbol on the map indicates when it is opened. Here’s what each of the icons on the map means:

Arrow with Gem

This icon depicts an arrow with a gem, which indicates the presence of an available quest in the region. This can assist you in determining which places have incomplete quests available for you.


A flag is used to indicate a captured flag location, which can now be accessed as a fast travel point.


A lock over an area indicates that it is either inaccessible or not part of your active quest.

Paw Prints

This indicated that the beast you are hunting as part of a side quest is in this area.


The reticle, or mark, shows that a bounty target is in the area while you open and read map in Outriders.


The symbol for the main quest shown as a star. This is where you have to go to proceed ahead in the campaign.

Three Arrows

Three arrows indicate your current location. It would just show you the location you are in, rather than a precise position of where you are. For eg, if you stand on the dividing line between two regions, it would only illuminate the area’s middle.

That’s everything you need to know about how to open and read maps in Outriders. While you are here, also check out more tips & tricks in our Outriders Guides, like: