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How Does The Circle Of Power Mod Work In Outriders

Find out more information about the Circle Of Power mod in Outriders.

The Circle Of Power is a Tier 3 Mod in Outriders. Being a Tier 3 Mod it is one of the rarest mods in the game. The Circle Of Power is seen on the Leg Armor of the Cannonball. The Leg Armor of the Cannonball is a Legendary Level armor in the game. Tier 3 Mods are usually seen only on Legendary weapons and items. However, Outriders does allow you to switch up mods between weapons. This is one of the characteristics of the looter-shooter title and is very important to its gameplay. Gear Mods are one of the major survivability mechanics in a game that seems ready to kill you at every point of its gameplay. In this guide, we focus on the Circle Of Power in Outriders and tell you how it works.


What does the Circle of Power Mod do in Outriders

Outriders: Circle Of Power Mod
Circle of Power will boost your resistance stats.

The Circle of Power Mod will boost your Resistance by 15% every time you use a skill. It will stack up to 3 times and it will deteriorate every 7 seconds. This is a massive defensive boost and can very easily change your gameplay entirely. This is pretty useful in a game like Outriders where the later World Tiers are just too hard to complete without buffs or help.

The Circle Of Power mod can be received after dismantling the Leg Armor of the Cannonball, which is a legendary level armor item. You can also search for it in Tiago’s Shop or by having a go at Farming Legendary weapons. Dismantling weapons and items give you Mods and you can swap them about too.

This is everything you need to know about the Circle Of Power Mod in Outriders. While you are here you can have a look at another defensive armor item that provides a massive boost, Sergio’s Beret.