How To Get Into The Kalevala Knights Workshop In Alan Wake 2

Here is the lock combination for the Workshop door in Alan Wake 2.

During your playthrough, you will come across the Kalevala Knights Workshop in Alan Wake 2. The catch its door is locked and initially there seems to be no clue for the lock combination nearby. You also cannot skip this place if you want the Espresso Express Fuse.

Don’t worry though the solution is fairly simple and requires you to complete a few objectives before you can continue. So here is here is both the door lock combination and the fuse location.

How to Open the Kalevala Knights Workshop Door in Alan Wake 2

How To Open The Kalevala Knights Workshop Door In Alan Wake 2

In order to open the Workshop door, you first have to complete all the tasks of Trailer Park. So even if you know the answer that is the below code, you still won’t be able to use it. As such the only option you have left is to come back after completing its objectives.

In case you are done with the quests, here is the code that you need to enter.

  • Top – Up and down arrows forming a kite/diamond.
  • Middle – Hourglass tilted slightly to the left.
  • Bottom – Hourglass.

You can check the above solution for yourself by going to the area southeast of the Workshop. Here you can see a huge coffee cup-like structure. Use your torch and you will find three symbols, one on the inside walls of the cup and the other two on the boxes of a nearby shelf.

  1. Go back to the Workshop door and interact with the lock.
  2. Use the above combination.
  3. Rotate each disc until you land on the symbols described above.
  4. You will now unlock the door and enter a Breakroom in the Workshop.

Head inside the room and you should find the fuse on the table.

That’s all for this quick guide on Kalevala Knights Workshop door lock code and how to get the fuse in Alan Wake 2.

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