Alan Wake 2 Police Car Echo Location Guide

Aligning the Echo in Initiation 2: Casey is troublesome if you don’t know where to go. Here’s a guide on what to do with it.

In Alan Wake 2, the Dark Place is full of mysteries as it should be and if escaping TV Studio was difficult, there’s more in store for you. During Initiation 2: Casey, you will find several white orbs or Echoes. While there are 8 echoes for players to align, the police car echo location is the troubling one for players.

These hidden objectives are fragments of memories and once the puzzle is solved, players can progress further. To solve them, players have to align the white orbs with the black ones and then they can trigger the memory.

How to Reach Echo Above Taxi Cab
Image Source: Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

The police car is actually a taxi cab with its headlights on. While players can claim the lights of the taxi cab with the Angel Lamp, it will turn into the police car and all the Taken around the building will be alerted by its blaring sirens. So, players first need to claim the echo above along with the numerous other stashes and resources around the building before they claim the lights.

Before heading towards the taxi cab or police car, players will encounter one of the echoes outside Caldera ST. Station. One of the difficult parts is getting around the shadowy figures and aberrations (Taken). However, since you have light stored Angel Lamp now, you can be ready to defend yourself.

Players can use their flashlights against the shadows and then you can take care of the rest of them like other Taken. Do note that preserving ammo is important so don’t waste a lot.

Where to Find the Police Car Echo in Alan Wake 2

White Orb Location on Map
Image Source: Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

Although the echo is above the police car, players won’t be able to align it from there. The echo is actually close to the Alex Casey billboard above the car and you will have to make your way up there. After aligning the first echo outside Caldera ST. Station, players need to make their way to the Safe Haven.

Officer Tim Breaker in Initiation 2
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Once you get out of there, take a left and make your way up the stairs once you hear the humming sound. You get to meet Officer Tim Breaker from Bright Falls and after interacting with him, you can make your way to the echo. If you leave the room that Tim is in, you can spot the White Orb near the billboard to your left.

White Orb Location above Taxi Cab from Tim's Room
Image Source: Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

Leave the room and then make your way towards the billboard. On the way, players need to point their flashlights towards the yellow painted arrows and they can collect a Word of Lamp. These are useful resources for Alan once he is in the Writer’s Room.

Word of Power Location Near White Orb
Image Source: Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

Now, head on to the wooden plank and the cross to the other side past the three Taken in the middle. Although we managed to escape unharmed on our playthrough, it’s best if you have your defense up and ready. The fight will be a little difficult but you can clear out these enemies easily at this point.

Reach White Orb Above Taxi Cab
Image Source: Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

On the other side, take a left and you will spot a ladder that will take you to the platform upstairs. Once you head up and close in on the police car Echo, you will be able to align the white orb and the black orb to trigger the memory.

Align Police Car Echo in Alan Wake 2
Image Source: Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

Now that you have aligned the police car echo in Alan Wake 2, head over to the billboard and get all the stashes nearby. You can gain another Word of Power near the billboard. Once you are done, use the Angel Lamp on the taxi cab and it will turn into a police car. The Taken will now be alerted by its siren so be ready on the lookout as you head further into Initiation 2.

That’s all we have from this guide. Alan Wake 2 is quite mysterious with its puzzles so do check out our dedicated section here for more such guides with Gamer Tweak.