Alan Wake 2 Saga And Alan Inventory Space Upgrade Locations

To upgrade your inventory space in Alan Wake 2, you have to head to various locations and collect items.

Knowing how to expand your inventory space in Alan Wake 2 is important for your survival in this investigative horror game. Once you know how to upgrade your previously limited inventory size, you can carry around more items without any worries. Alan Wake and Saga Anderson, both the playable protagonists of this game, have their slots for items they can carry – however, the ways to upgrade their inventories are different.

In this guide, we will explain how to increase your storage capacity but it won’t happen all at once. You will get the chance to expand your inventory across chapters.

How to Increase Inventory Space in Alan Wake 2

Saga Anderson uses Satchels to increase inventory space while Alan uses Word of Power.

How to Upgrade Saga Anderson’s Inventory

Here are the known chapters where Saga’s inventory can be expanded:

  • Satchel Location #1 – RETURN 2: The Heart – Cauldron Lake General Store – The brown satchel will be placed on a cabinet next to some files, and a table fan in a corner of the room.
  • Satchel Location #2 – RETURN 2: The Heart – Cauldron Lake Coast/Shore – Located in a Cult Stash that you can find after walking under some dead trees (the whole area is covered with them). To open the stash, just complete the color-based memory game.
satchel location to expand inventory slots
Satchel Location #2. Image source: Remedy
  • Satchel Location #3 – RETURN 5: Old Gods End – Bright Falls Fishing Shack (Harbor Street) – Find the Fresh Seafood building and open the gate with a bolt cutter that you have previously found. As soon as you enter, turn right and go inside the shack. The code you need to use to open the box is 6-9-7.
upgrade sage inventory satchel location
Satchel Location #3. Image source: Remedy

For Cult Stash locations, you can check out this video guide by HarryNinetyFour (we’ve timestamped the exact one for Satchel location #3 below)

How to Upgrade Alan Wake’s Inventory in Alan Wake 2

  • Alan Wake Inventory Upgrade Chapter: INITIATION 5: Room 665

To increase Alan Wake’s inventory, you have to get to the Oceanview Hotel and unlock the Word of Stuff Magic Pocket perk. Go to the Ballroom on the second floor, and use your flashlight above the bar counter to find it.

That’s everything about increasing your inventory space. For more related to Alan Wake 2, be sure to check out our guides. If you love to collect all your achievements, this Alan Wake 2 trophies guide will come in handy.