Where To Find The Door Knob & Hunting Rifle In Alan Wake 2

Here are the locations of both the Wellness Center door knob and the Hunting Rifle in Alan Wake 2.

Upon reaching the Wellness center during your exploration, you will come across a door which has its knob missing. Now it is easy to ignore and skip it but that isn’t recommended as it stores one of the best weapons for Saga in Alan Wake 2. This gun is none other than the Hunting Rifle.

The best part is the door knob is quite close to this door and only requires you to take a short detour. So below is the exact location where you can find it.

Where to Find the Wellness Center Door Knob in Alan Wake 2

How To Find Wellness Center Door Knob In Alan Wake 2

You can get the doorknob from the Lost and Found box in the room connected to the Staff Lounge. In order to access it though, you will first have to use the Security Room’s computer to unlock the door lock.

  1. After reaching the Valhalla Nursing Home, progress until you can reach the Security Room.
  2. Use the password 170823 on the computer.
  3. Next, go to the Ward reception and turn right toward the Staff Lounge.
  4. Upon entering the Lounge, take another right to enter the next room.
  5. Here, you will find two chairs and a box on the ground in front of you.
  6. Inside this box, you will find the doorknob.

How to Get the Hunting Rifle

Once you get the door knob, you can head back to the Security Room and use it on the door to access the Workshop.

  1. Backtrack your way to the Security room.
  2. Next, interact with the door without a knob.
  3. Now, from your Items select and use the Door Knob.
  4. Open the door and enter the next room.
  5. Here, you can find the Hunting Rifle inside one of the lockers.

With that, you now know both the location of the Wellness Center door knob and the hunting rifle in Alan Wake 2. Since you are interested in this game you should also check out our guides on what is its point of no return, how to get the Sheriff shotgun, and mobile home cult stash solution. As for help on other topics not mentioned here, you can check out our Alan Wake 2 guides.