Alan Wake 2 Point Of No Return Explained: What Is It?

Be it Saga Anderson or Alan Wake, both the campaigns leave you confused about the distinction between reality and fiction. Knowing what is the Point of no return in Alan Wake 2 can be the most crucial to the endgame as it can lock you out of the previous content. Likewise, you can miss out on several side activities, items, weapons, and supplies once you cross this point. In addition, you can also miss earning some achievements and trophies if you haven’t tracked them.

If you are one of the completionists, you would like a chance to revisit the missed content before you get locked out of the open world. With the unconventional narrative structure, it can take you about 19-20 hours to fully complete the game. So, here’s where you can find out what is the Point of No return for the sequel of Alan Wake.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains spoilers about the storyline, gameplay, and campaign. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the best time to head back.

What is the Point of No Return in Alan Wake 2?

There are two Points of No Return in Alan Wake 2 for the key protagonists, Saga and Alan, as you progress. For Saga Anderson, this point is at the end of the Return 6: Scratch mission. On the other end, you will trigger the point of no return for Alan Wake at the end of Initiation 8: Zane’s Film mission. Nearing these points, you can manually save the game to not get locked out.

Luckily, the game prompts you once you reach these points during the campaign. So, let’s take a look at both the points of no return for Alan and Saga:

Saga Anderson

You will trigger the Alan Wake 2 Point of No Return for Saga at the end of Return 6: Scratch chapter. At this point, you will face Mr. Scratch, the evil doppelganger of Alan Wake who wants to get his hands on the Clicker to free himself.

  • While talking to Estevez and Alex Casey at the Sheriff’s Station, you will figure out that Wake’s still trapped. You need to get him out of the Dark place using the Clicker.
  • For that, you will need to head to the Cauldron Lake after sharing the plan.
  • You will get a warning screen indicating the Point of no return once you exhaust all the dialogues with Estevez.
  • Then, you need to manually save the game before heading to the Lake.
  • Note that once you save the game, traveling to other areas will be limited.
saga andereson alan wake 2 point of no return
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Alan Wake

You will trigger the Point of no return for Alan at the end of Initiation 8: Zane’s Film chapter. However, note that you won’t be getting any warning screen indicating this point.

  • You need to complete everything in the Poet’s Cinema including Zane’s seven-minute short film.
  • Once you place Alice’s photos in a shoebox at the Main Plaza area, you will reach the point. You can find it in front of the statue located at the plaza.
  • So, ensure you collect all the in-game items and weapons before you progress to this point.

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