Muzan Blood In Demonfall: How To Get And Use It?

What does Muzan Blood do in Demon Fall? Here's everything you need to know!

Muzan Blood in DemonFall is a potion that will give you a particular benefit and if you don’t know what does it do or where to get it from, check out this guide. This game has certainly blown up due to the experience it offers. There are lots of families, breathing styles, potions and more that you can explore. In this article, let’s take a look at this specific potion.

What Does Muzan Blood Do In Demonfall?

With Muzan Blood, players can reset their Kekkijutsu. It costs 3000 Yen and you can get it from the Black Merchant aka Mysterious Merchant. To put it simply, you can change your Demon Art with Muzan Blood and it’s only beneficial to you if you are a Demon, of course. You can also directly purchase this potion from the in-game Shop. Press the TAB button on your keyboard and click on the shopping cart icon. You will get the option to buy Muzan Blood for 250 Robux.

how to get muzan blood demonfall

If you want this item for free, there’s something you need to know. Keep in mind that when you approach the Merchant, you will have to ask for the Unknown Item and spend your Yens on that. There is a chance that you won’t get Muzan Blood on your first attempt because the drop is random. So, don’t give up if you don’t get it immediately. You can keep buying Unknown Items until you get what you want but you will need plenty of money so here’s how to earn Money fast. If you end up getting the items you don’t need, you can either sell them or trade them.

That’s all about Muzan Blood in Demonfall. In case you have chosen the Human/Slayer path, there is another Potion called Breath Indict that you can use that serves a different purpose. Know more such hidden tips and tricks in our Demon Fall guides.