Demonfall Family & Clan Tier List December 2023

Here's our Demon Fall Family Tier List.

Demon fall is all about getting the best breathings and abilities to come on top of your server. But to get the best skill you have to be in the best clan. With 12 Families available now and with 12 more on the horizon, it might be difficult to choose one. So if you are having trouble, don’t worry we have compiled the list of the best clans in Demon Fall. So here’s our Demonfall Family & Clan Tier List.

Clan & Family Tier List in Demonfall

Our Demon Fall Family Tier List is subjective to our own opinions and gameplay. You as a player might feel some among there are not deserving there a place we assigned in this list. But it all comes up to how you use the abilities and what experience you are looking for. So with that said, and with careful inspection, and discussions within our groups here’s what we came up with:

S+ Kamado
S Kanroji
A Tokito
B Tomioka
B Agatsuma
B Rengoku
C Shinazugawa
C Hashibira
C Kocho
D Ubuyashiki
D Himejima
D Iguro
F Haganezuka

Here’s a bit of the perk & buffs of spawning in these families to give you a brief idea of why we allowed these positions to each of them.demon fall family tier list


  • Get +20% EXP
  • Able to get Sun Breath faster (upcoming)
  • Dance of the Fire God
  • Get Sun Resistance if you are a Demon.


  • Deal +20% extra damage.


  • Get +10% more XP
  • Get Moon Breathing if you are a Demon.


  • Receive Water Breathing as the eleventh form.
  • Get Shoulder Bash & Lunge when you spawn.


  • Once down, you will get a Berserk state for 45sec.
  • In this sate +50% Gamage & 20% more health.

Rengoku Demonfall Family Tier List

  • Get +20% Flames damage.
  • Get Flames as 9th form.


  • Attract Demons with your scent (only if you are a demon).
  • Get faster 25% stomach drain & health regeneration.


  • Get -10% stomach drain
  • Get +10% health regen.


  • You can deal Poise attack if someone does melee attacks or other attacks in close range.


  • +10% EXP & 2SP when you spawn.
  • But you will get permanent burn injury.


  • Get extra 30 health after buff.


  • Get dash mastery
  • Also +2 Walk speed buff

That’s everything you need to know about the family tier list in Roblox DemonFall. If you are wondering how to change family or clan in DemonFall, then check out our guide right. Also, find out all the latest DemonFall Codes in our list. Also, make sure to read how to Parry In Roblox DemonFall. We also got tons of other popular Roblox games covered in our Roblox Guides.