Demonfall Breath Indict: How To Use Potion

Find out what is the Breath Indict potion in Demonfall as well as how to get and use it.

There are multiple Potions you can use in Demonfall and Breath Indict is one that will give you a very specific advantage. In this guide, we will explain how to get Breath Indict and what does it do to your character.

What is Breath Indict in Demonfall?

Breath Indict is an item that will reset your Breathing. Breathing style will differ based on how you want to play. These are the Breathing styles (current and upcoming) – Flame, Water, Mist, Wind, Thunder, Moon, Beast, Insect, Snake, Sound and Sun. So, if you want to reset your Breathing style without losing your level and whatever you have achieved till then, you can use Breath Indict potion.

To drink this Breath Indict potion, press the Tab button and click on the Bag icon. This will open up your inventory where you can click on this potion and then Equip it by binding a key to it. Then close the window and press the relevant key to bring up the Potion and press the Left Click button on the mouse to drink it.

demonfall breath indict potion use

How to Get this Potion?

To get Breath Indict, you can use a Demon Fall code which gives it to you for free. Or you can get it randomly from the Mysterious Merchant for 3000 Yen. Click on the option of Unknown Item to have the chance to reset your Breathing style.

If you are short of money, you can check out how to earn money fast. Once you have collected enough Yen, meet the Merchant in Hayakawa Village or Okuyia Village. Interact with him and you may get the Wipe Potion, Muzan Blood, Sawed Off weapon, or Breath Indict. If you don’t get Breath Indict the first time around, you can try purchasing again to see if you get what you want.

There is another way to get this potion and that’s by heading to the Shop and pressing the Tab button. Click on the Shopping Cart icon and purchase it for 250 Robux.

That’s everything about how to get and use the Breath Indict in Demonfall. For more tips, tricks and tier lists for this game, like Family/Clan Tier List and Breathing Tier List, check out our Demonfall guides.