How To Get Money (Yen) Fast In DemonFall Roblox

Demonfall Money Farming Guide: Here's how to make Yen quickly and easily with the help of Trinkets.

While playing this Demon Slayer inspired game, you will need quite a bit of Yen to buy stuff from the Black Merchant. But how to get and farm money fast in Roblox Demonfall? Well, you can sell Trinkets and get money in exchange. Here’s all you need to know about it.

How to Get & Farm Money (Yen) Fast in Demonfall Roblox

how to get trinkets to sell to farm money in demonfall

The easy way to farm money is to collect Trinkets and sell them to get Yen in return. These treasures will appear anywhere in the world. Some are of a higher quality while some won’t fetch you a lot of Yen. When you have gathered a sizeable amount, you can head to the shop at Hayakawa Village to sell Trinkets.

demon fall trinkets

Here’s the location of the Trinket Shop:

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Easiest way to get Trinkets fast in Demon Fall

You can head to the Trinket Mountain location where you can obtain lots of Trinkets without looking around all over the map. This video shows you where you need to go.

Selling Price of Trinkets in Demon Fall

Check out how much money you can earn from different items.


  • Rust: 12 Yen
  • Copper: 16 Yen
  • Silver: 32 Yen
  • Gold: 48 Yen


  • Bronze: 10 Yen
  • Silver: 21 Yen
  • Gold: 45 Yen


  • Silver: 16 Yen
  • Gold: 27 Yen

Ancient Coin

  • 120 Yen

Golden Crown

  • 100 Yen

Red Jewel

  • 200 Yen

Green Jewel

  • 1550 Yen

Perfect Crystal

  • 3000 Yen

(Thanks to Demon Fall Wiki for information about the prices)

Once you have collected your Trinkets, visit the shop and interact with the Merchant. Select the option of “I want to sell all my trinkets” and then watch your Money increase by a lot.

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