Roblox DemonFall: How To Get Sun Breathing

Here's how to get Sun Breathing in Roblox Demon Fall.

Breathing is an integral part of Roblox Demon Fall. But right now there is nothing considered better than Sun Breathing. So if you are wondering how to get this, we got you covered in this article. So here’s how to get Sun Breathing in Roblox DemonFall.

How to Get Sun Breathing in Roblox Demon Fall?

To get Sun Breathing in Demon Fall, you need to join the Kamado family. Join Kamado and talk to Tanjiro, trainer of Sun Breath, once you reach at least Prestige level 1 to get Sun Breathing. If you are not part of the Kamado clan, then you will have to do some quests for Tanjiro to get Sun Breathing. To get Prestige level 1 you need to go to Murata in Kamakura Village, once you reach level 50. Keep in mind that once you get Prestige level, all your stats (apart from your clan) will be reset. So you will need to earn all the stats back again. This is worth it considering 20% XP buff along with Sun, Moon, and Slayer Mark once you earn Prestige.

Aside from Sun Breathing, joining Kamado will give you the opportunity to get +20% Experience, and Dance of the Fire God. To top it off, you will get Sun Resistance if your character is a Demon in DemonFall. Sun Breathing is counted as the most overpowered Breathing in our DemonFall Tier List. Also if you are wondering how to become a Demon then check out our guide here.

Demon Fall Sun Breathing DemonFall

It has a TP Guard Break that can cause immense damage to opponents. You can also use infinite combo with Sun Breathing in Roblox Demon Fall. By joining the Kamado clan you have 0.5% to get Sun Breathing so you may need to try more than once if you don’t get it in your first turn. The key is to keep trying to spawn in the Kamado family till you get the Sun Breathing.

Sun Breathing Moves in Demonfall

There are the moves associated with Sun Breathing in Demon Fall:

  • Beneficent Radiance
  • Clear Blue Sky
  • Dance of the Fire God
  • Flash Dance
  • Sun Counter

Apart from Sun Breathing, we have much other breathing in Demon Fall, like:

  • Flame breathing
  • Mist Breathing
  • Thunder Breathing
  • Water Breathing
  • Wind Breathing

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Sun Breathing in Roblox DemonFall. If you are wondering how to change family or clan in DemonFall, then check out our guide right here. Also, find out all the latest DemonFall Codes in our list. Also, make sure to read how to Parry In Roblox DemonFall.  We also got tons of other popular Roblox games covered in our Roblox Guides.