Demonfall: How To Get Mist Breathing

Here's how to get Mist Breathing in Demonfall.

Demon Fall is all about getting the best breathings and abilities to come on top of your server. Mist is one of the breathing that players seek out. So if you are wondering how to get this ability then we got it covered for you. So here’s how to get Mist Breathing in Demonfall.

How to Get Mist Breathing in Demon Fall

Demon Fall Mist Breathing

To get How to Get Mist Breathing in Demonfall, you go to Frosty Forest and pay 2000 yen to Mist Trainer Tokito. Once you pay him said yens then he will teleport you to a maze. You need to explore the maze to find Tokito. Once you successfully find him, Tokito will then bring you out of the maze. Once outside, go back to Tokito and talk to him. Now he will give you the Mist Breathing in Demonfall.

There are more skills you can unlock by accessing several forms once you unlock them. So to give you an idea, here’s what we know about them.

1st Skill Basic Mist Basic Skill
2nd Skill Eight-Layered Mist The swordsman can do 8 slashes, & a barrage in a sequence
3rd Skill Scattering Mist Splash Swordsman can mist and for few seconds become invulnerable
4th Skill Shifting Flow Slash Swordsman can strike opponents in a quick strike
5th Skill Sea of Clouds & Haze Swordsman can go behind the opponent by teleportation
6th Skill Judgment Cut Swordsman can step back and do combo attacks with sword
7th Skill Obscuring Clouds Swordsman can do fast movements with a cloud of mist engulfing them

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That’s everything you need to know about how to get Mist Breathing in Demonfall. While you are here, find out How to Get Sun Breathing, our Best Breathing Tier List and Demonfall Family & Clan Tier List right here on Gamer Tweak.