Demonfall How To Change Demon Art

Here's how to change your demon art in Demon Fall.

Demon Fall has many Kekkijutsu, which gives you various abilities called Arts to attack your enemies. But acquiring them is not easy. You may already have Demon Art which you might be looking to replace. So if you are wondering the same don’t worry, we got your back. Here’s how to change Demon Art in Demonfall.

How to Change Demon Art in Demonfall?

To change Demon Art in Demon Fall, you need to go to the Merchant in the Black Market and buy “Muzan Blood.” It will cost you 3000 Yen. Also, note that you will only have 1/3 chance to get a Muzan Blood. So don’t give up if you don’t get in your first roll from the black market merchant in Demon Fall.

There are many Kekkijutsu in Demon Fall right now. They are:

  • Dark Thunder
  • Shadow Art
  • Shockwave
  • String Art

There are three more Demon Arts in the WIP stage now:

  • Dimension Art
  • Gravity Art
  • Ice Art

To get better Kekkijutsu you have to improve and level up your Demon Art. Here’s a bit about the current Kekkijutsus in the game:

Dark Thunder

You can get Dark Thunder Art from the Alchemist. For this, you need to be at Level 5.


  • Cloak of the Thunder God: Get faster stamina regen buff.
  • Obscure Spear: Attack with a thunderbolt, throwing off anyone it hits.
  • Dark Thunder: Get invulnerability while also attacking enemies with a thunderbolt.
  • Thunder Dash (Passive): Stun your opponent for 1 sec.

Shockwave Art

Can be collected from Alchemist at level 5, just like Dark Thunder.


  • Annihilation Type: Use it to beak the enemy’s guard.
  • Flying Planet Thousand Wheels: Use it to beak enemy’s guard.
  • Air Type
  • Explosive Fury
  • Compass Needle

String Art Demon Art in Demonfall

Can be collected from Alchemist at level 5, just like other Kekkijutsus.


  • String Claw
  • String Push
  • Cutting Thread Rotation
  • Thread Cage

Shadow Art

Can be collected from Alchemist at level 5, just like other Kekkijutsus.


  • Shadow Dismiss: Become a Shadow to move really fast on the map.
  • Black Hole: Create a black hole that pulls your enemies to deal damage.
  • Shadow Consume: Collect Stamina & Stomach from enemies surrounding you.
  • Shadow Blade

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