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How To Beat Bazelgeuse In Monster Hunter Rise

This guide will show you how to beat the Bazelgeuse Flying Wyvern.

The Bazelgeuse is a new Flying Wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise. This new debutant is part of the new Version 2.0 update for Monster Hunter Rise. Launched on 28 April, the Bazelguese is one of 6 new monsters added to the game. It was actually introduced as a secret new monster. The Bazelguese was initially a part of Monster Hunter World. Now, that it has finally made its entry into the MH Rise many players have been wondering how to beat it. Well, we’ve got your back on that. With all that out of the way just scroll down and find out how to beat the Bazelgeuse in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to defeat Bazelgeuse in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise: How To Beat Bazelgeuse
The head and the tail are the most vulnerable parts of the Bezelgeuse.

Body Damage Weakness stats:

Body Part Sharp Cut Blunt Force Damage Ammo Damage
Tail 60 55 35
Leg 30 30 20
Wing 25 25 42
Back 30 30 10
Abdomen 45 45 25
Head 60 65 25


Bazelgeuse takes most damage to the head and tail. So when fighting the Bazelgeuse make sure you focus your attacks on its lobe. This Flying Wyvern is very susceptible to Dragon, Ice, Thunder, and Water Elemental damages. Fire leaves it pretty much unaffected because well it breathes fire. If you want to utilize elemental attacks to the fullest it is better to go with faster weapons in the game as they will allow you to connect better. Blunt force damage can be used on the Bazelgeuse’s head and tail. If you are using long-range shot damage then your best bet is to attack the wings. This will stop it from flying away. Attacking the Head, Back, and Tail will reduce the severity of the Bazelgeuse attacks. When the scales of the Bazelgeuse fall off, go for an attack as it is left vulnerable.

MHR describes it as ‘A nefarious flying wyvern that travels the world in search of prey. It scatters its own explosives scales over a wide area to prey on whatever gets caught in the blast. In some places, this has earned it the nickname “Bomber Wyvern”‘.

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Elemental Damage Stats:

Body Part Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
Tail 0 5 15 10 10
Leg 0 5 15 10 10
Wing 0 5 10 10 10
Back 0 0 5 5 5
Abdomen 0 5 10 10 10
Head 0 5 15 10 10

Bazelgeuse has fire elemental damage. Make sure you craft your armor with this particular resistance in mind.


The Bazelgeuse itself has a 1-star status effect vulnerability for Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Exhaust, Fire Blight, Water Blight, and Ice Blight. It also has a 2-star status effect vulnerability for Thunder Blight. Stun and Blast do not have any effect on the Bazelgeuse as it isn’t vulnerable to such Status Effects.

The Bazelgeuse is vulnerable to Pitfall Trap, Shock Trap, Flash Bomb, and Dung Bomb. Sonic Bomb and Meat Effects bring out situational vulnerability for the Bazelgeuse.

Bazelgeuse has Red Kinsect Extract level for the Tail, Leg, and Head. The Wing and Back body parts have White Kinsect Extract whereas the Abdomen has Orange Kinsect Extract.

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Bazelgeuse drop rewards

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials Rewards
Bazelgeuse Carapace 31% 18% 69% – Back 26% – Body, 27% – Tail 35%
Bazelgeuse Fuse 14% 70% – Head, 30% – Back 15% – Body
Bazelgeuse Scale+ 18% 14% 27% – Head 39% – Body 39%, 55%
Bazelgeuse Tail 12% 70% – Tail
Bazelgeuse Talon 23% 24% 35% – Wing 19% – Body 10%, 10%
Bazelgeuse Wing 12% 29% 65% – Wing
Large Wyvern Tear 50%

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Where to find the Bazelgeuse in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Beat Bazelgeuse
The Bezelgeuse can be found in the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Lava Caverns, Frost Islands, and Flooded Forest.

The Bazelgeuse is seen lurking in five locations on the MHR map. It is seen in Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Lava Caverns, Frost Islands, and Flooded Forest. The Bazelegeuse is a high-rank monster in the game. You will get an urgent quest called ‘Death from Above’ which will give you access to the Bazelgeuse Flying Wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Items made using the Bazelgeuse in Monster Hunter Rise


  • Bazel Buster I
  • Bazel Buster II
  • Rookslayer Handaxes I
  • Rookslayer Handaxes II
  • Rookslayer Drum I
  • Rookslayer Drum II
  • Rookslayer Bowgun I
  • Rookslayer Bowgun II
  • Rookslayer Axe I
  • Rookslayer Axe II


  • Bazelgeuse Helm
  • Bazelgeuse Mail
  • Bazelgeuse Braces
  • Bazelgeuse Coil
  • Bazelgeuse Greaves

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Bazelgeuse attack types and patterns

The Bazelgeuse has eight special attacks. All these attacks do have a telling sign that you should watch out for. Once you learn to predict these attacks you will be able to dodge them with ease. Even if some attacks do hit you, do not worry much and use your healing potions to their fullest.

  • Big Chomp: This is the most basic of attacks the Bazelgeuse will perform. It will try to take a big chunk out of you in one single swoop. If you are not aware you can be caught on the wrong end of it. This bite can hold the hunters above the Bazelgeuse’s explosive scales.
  • Big Stomp: In this attack, the Bazelgeuse will swoop down from the sky and stomp on your character with force. After this, the Bazelgeuse will perform a low swooping aerial guide aimed straight at you. You can use the Wiredash to get out of the way with ease.
  • Fire Ball: The Bazelgeuse will shoot a straight fireball in your direction. This fireball is quite rapid so keep a wary eye out. This attack is carried out at times and isn’t that regular, albeit it can be quite damaging.
  • Linear Bomb Scatter: The Bazelgeuse will shed its scales for this attack. It will scatter its scales in a straight line. After a short period, the scales will explode. So make sure you aren’t anywhere near them when they go kaput.

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  • Arc Bomb Scatter: This is similar to the Linear Bomb Scatter, the only difference being that the scales will scatter in a fan-like manner. Just like the Linear Bomb Scatter, these scales will explode too so you can do well by staying away from them.
  • Chin Drag: For this attack, the Bazelgeuse will scatter its scales in a straight line again. After it does this, it will drag its chin over these scales to increase the explosive damage the scales cause.
  • Bombing Fly By: The Bazelgeuse will turn into a B-17 bomber in this case and will undertake a bombing run. It will even undertake a diving bombing run in the midst of it. The bombs will be in the form of the Bazelgeuse’s explosive scales.
  • Divebomb Attack: The Divebomb is the most dangerous of attacks. Bazelgeuse will go straight onto the explosive scales it has scattered and ignite them soon after.

This is everything you need to know about how to defeat the Bazelgeuse in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here you can have a look at how to get Narga Medulla or how to get Outfit Vouchers.