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How To Get Sleep Sac In Monster Hunter Rise?

Want to get a Sleep Sac ? Defeat this Dino-Sore.

Monster hunter rise will make the players grind a little to access their treasure of resources. The rewards for this grind are however well paying. Some of the items in the game have a unique way of obtaining them. One such item is the Sleep Sac. This item is a monster organ that is so powerful that it will knock your enemy out by inducing sleep. So if you want to know the location where you can find Sleep Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), keep on reading.

How to Get Sleep Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?


Follow the below-mentioned way to get the Sleep Sac:

Sleep Sac MHR

You can get the Sleep Sac by defeating the Great Baggi found in the Frost Islands location of Monster Hunter Rise. Defeating the monster will definitely be in your favor. The following are ways to get it from the Great Baggi.


Target x1 24%
Break Head x1 30%
Carve Body x1 27%

The Great Baggi is a physical damage Bird Wyvern that causes sleep. Its weaknesses are fire, water, and thunder. It is immune to Ice and dragon elements. Now while the effort of farming the Sleep Sac in Monster Hunter Rise may seem on the higher side, the grind will definitely be worth it. A cut attack on its head would deal the maximum amount of damage of 75. The players can hence prep up accordingly.

Uses of Sleep Sac


This Rarity 4 item is used to craft and upgrade some vital armors and weapons for your hunter. It can also be sold but we suggest you keep them for future use. Some of the notable gear that needs it are Sleepy Shellblade weapon and the Somnacanth Mail armor.

So that is all for our guide on the location where you can find the Sleep Sac in MHR, If you are finding it difficult to get the Thunder Sac or the Torrent Sac, do check out our articles on that.