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How to Get Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

A complete guide on how to get and use Thunder Sac in MH Rise.

MH Rise has been one of the most talked-about games for a while now. The game has introduced a number of monsters and some fantastic detailing with intricate patterns of progression in the game. With so much under the world, it can be easy to get lost sometimes and miss out on some of the important resources. One such resource is the Thunder Sac in MHR, a special item material with a 6 rarity. In this guide Thunder Sac Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), we tell you how to obtain and use Thunder Sac.

How to Get Thunder Sac in MHR



You can get Thunder sac from Khezu and Tobi-Kadachi monsters. Both of these monsters are High-Rank large monsters.
Khezu is Flying Wyvern with a thunder element. It can be found in Frost Islands and Lava Caverns. These monsters are weak to fire and Ammo damage on their head would give you the maximum damage of 80. Below are the rewards and the drop rates for getting the Thunder sac from Khezu:

DROP RATE 21% 18% 20%


Tobi-Kadachi is a Fanged Wyvern with a thunder element. It can be found in Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forest. The monster is weak to water, fire, and ice. You will inflict maximum damage of 48 by targeting its head with cut and blunt damage and its back with ammo damage. The drop rates for Thunder Sac are 14% for 1 Sac by target.

How to Use Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

Below mentioned is a list of Weapons and Armor that will require Thunder Sac:


Khezu Shock Blade Weapon x3
Devil Slicer Weapon x3
Khezu Mail S Armor x1
Khezu Vambraces S Armor x2
Khezu Greave S Armor x2
Tobi-Kadachi Mail S Armor x2
Tobi-Kadachi Braces S Armor x1
Kadachi Greaves S Armor x1
Narwa’s Pauldrons Armor x3
Zinogre Greaves S Armor x2

So that will be all for our guide on Thunder Sac Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). If you would like to know where to get Torrent Sac, check out our article Torrent Sac In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).